Berserkon Day I: An Intimate Experience



Day 1 of Berserkon was quiet… intimate…  Fox21 has the story, although this is not the “first ever” — just first at the DECC.  There were smaller events at Norway Hall, for example, in the early 2000s.

One of the most uproarious events, in my view was the demonstrations of the Artemis.  I have never laughed so hard as six people on networked mobile Samsung Slates really get into being the crew of a starship — using some networked software, they really get into it, yelling “We are losing power to the shields” and related Trek-style madness.  I loved watching as much as they loved playing.

I admit to loving the wry humor in the Gamers movies, being shown over about 6 hours in the evening.  Not enough to stay six hours, though others did, and stayed for the discussion afterwards.

I enjoyed playing Dragon Dice.  It makes my childhood playing Yahtzee into training ground for a real game.  Bill Belcher, the former games mogul (host of Friday Night Board Games at Collector’s Connection) ran games like Killer Bunnies all day — Bill is a warrior on behalf of the game community.

It was great to see local retailers there, too.  Rogue Robot and Dungeon’s End are representing with games, tournaments, and of course, life-size Settlers of Cataan.  Viking Vear was fun, too, although our animal-lovers would kill us if we bought all that leather or horns.

Immense fun, more tomorrow.  See you there?

Photo by Mary Hall.



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about 10 years ago

Tons of fun! I can't wait till next year!

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