Geek Prom on hiatus


Note to fellow nerdwads:

We have reached an era of unprecedented technological advancement and far-reaching anti-bullying campaigns. The mission of Geek Prom is complete. The prom committee is disbanding.

We now enter a state of complacency, no longer planning our defenses against the hideous Fleckuloids of the Mineculon, though remains in tact should we need to summon our forces due to reemerging threats.

May you all live long and prosper, be you dill-weeds, spazzes, dorks, doofuses, dweebs, Einsteins, pizza faces, brainiacs, space cadets, mathletes, meteorologists, gamers, Trekkies, disc jockeys, zeros, gaywads, hobbyists, greenies, weaklings or any other form of misfit.



about 10 years ago


But I still have a blank spot on my resume which may eventually contain "Geek Prom Queen."

Lawrence Lee

about 10 years ago

Fortunately, the Zenith City Browncoats, the numerous Nerd Niters and many, various freelance freaks stand guard!


about 10 years ago

Don't worry.  August will rescue it, in three to eight years.

J.J. Lee

about 10 years ago

I'm happy that I didn't live long enough to see this happen.

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