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Lake Steam

Sunrise and steam on Lake Superior

Topeka made a lot of news renaming itself (honorarily) to Google, and even got a nod back on April 1. Duluth promised to name its first-born children after Google. They are big on advertising so it’s a tough call which is worth more. (Though if you consider the cost of switching a city’s name, compared to the free and ever growing number of offspring…)

Honors and proposals aside, I hope Google compares its own search results for each city, especially the images. Granted there’s a lot more to consider than merely which of us is prettier, but we got soul power, and that should count for something.

Plus, free hugs. Just sayin.


3:31 am — Single flash of light and a long rolling thunder… or was it the ship coming to a stop? Keep your eye out for cover-ups.

Anyway, it just seemed strange without any other lightning that I can tell.

Nevermind, there’s the second one, and I saw it too. That’s some huge creepy lightning I tell ya. Hope Lakeside is still there in the morning. Or do I? Yeah I guess I know some people out there.

Good story.


Coyote @ Thirsty Pagan 3/7/9

coyote napkin wall advert

It says: Coyote @ Thirsty Pagan, Sat. March 7th, 1opm


Proceeded by Marc Gartman
Followed by Teague Alexy

1623 Broadway, Superior

Smoke free.

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