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Miss you Rick Boo.

Feel free to share your Rick stories in the comments.

Google Goes to Twin Ports – The Movie

I’m interested in hearing comments about this video shot in Duluth. Do you think it portrays our city fairly? Does it make you want to visit Duluth? What do you think?

Low’s Key to the City of Duluth


Bye Bye Plaza


R.I.P. Gangsta/Ghetto Spur


Well, that was the word that I heard From my brother in a fur hanging out at the Gangsta Spur He said, “it always begins behind The Twins they trade a bottle a gin for night full of sin.” -Giljunko

Tonight is your last chance to patronize the infamous Gangsta/Ghetto Spur. It will soon be razed and a new SA will be built farther back toward the alley.

The GS joins its fallen brethren Johnny Ray’s Pizza, House of Donuts, Members Cooperative Credit Union and others I’m probably forgetting. Share your memories in the comments.

Retribution Gospel Choir – “Seven”

R.I.P. Steve Kramer

Steve Kramer of Wallets fame dead at 59.

Low – “Point of Disgust”

Low – “Africa”

From the Onion A.V. Club’s series “A.V. Undercover,” Low covers Toto’s “Africa.”



The doctor is in, and he is 11

The Black-eyed Snakes, featuring 11-year-old percussionist Andrew Olson, performing “Chicken Bone George” on April 15 at Jefferson Pub & Grill during the Mid West Music Fest.

Low and Uncle Jesse?

Alan Sparhawk Unplugged

Blowin’ in the Wind