Low’s Key to the City of Duluth




about 9 years ago

I really hope it can double as a cutting board.


about 9 years ago

That was fun. It also caused me to question our decision to move. We'll be back, I'm sure.


about 9 years ago

Fun time at Sacred Heart last night. Does anyone know where I can find a set list?


about 9 years ago

I have a photo of the set list I can email you. (I can't shrink it down to 390 pixels on this iPad to put it in a comment).


about 9 years ago

Set 1
Mary Bue - Like a Forest
Marcus Matthews - Murderer
Mindy Johnson - Kind of Girl
American Rebels - Violence
Ryan Frane - Nightingale
De Se - Violent Past
Fuzzy Ellis - John Prine
Glitteratti - Santa's Coming Over
Portrait of a Drowned Man - Pissing
Manheat - Breaker

Set 2

Tangier 57 - Monkey
Rich & Germaine - Immune
Francis Lee - Williams Fear
Russ Sackett - Walk Into the Sea
Timothy Martin - Canada
Sarah Krueger - When I Go Deaf
Snobarn - Point of Disgust
Southwire - Dragonfly/Sandinista?
Lion or Gazelle - In the Drugs
Toby Thomas Churchill - Missouri
Wino, WI - Holy Ghost
Cars & Trucks - Cue the Strings
Sing! A Womens Chorus - Don't Carry it All


about 9 years ago

"Make us a sandwich."

"Eating the lyrics to Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald after saying it was the greatest song ever but not bothering to learn the lyrics."

-Al Sparhawk

Oddly enough, Bob Dylan was most respectful.

[email protected]

about 9 years ago

I respect what Low is now, but I also miss Zak Sally.  A sliver of this key belongs to him in my heart.

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago


From Duluth Mayor Don Ness' Facebook page:

Greg Benson (Loll Designs) and I have designed the new Key to the City of Duluth using richlite (the material Epicurean uses for their cutting boards). Unlike the previous keys, these can be personalized to the recipient and they have this neat connection to a successful Duluth company doing business all over the world. As you might have heard, the first recipients of the new design was the members of Low for their 20 years. In the design process, we were using "Low" as our template and it worked great. But obviously, most recipients would have names longer than 3 letters, so we had to check to see if this design would work for someone with a much longer name. The first long name that popped into my head was Harold Carmichael - who was a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles in the late 70s and early 80s. I have absolutely no idea why that name came to mind first. I was a fan when I was a kid, but hadn't thought of him in many many years. But for whatever reason that's the name that immediately jumped to mind, we used it and this is the end result. As it turns out, Harold turns 65 in September, so we used that date on the key and I plan to send it to him. Could you imagine how weird that will be for him? Having a personalized key to the city from Duluth Minnesota show up in your mail box? I laugh every time I try to imagine that scenario. Hopefully he'll appreciate it as well. I didn't like to give away the old keys -- they felt too impersonal -- but I'm looking forward to using these in the coming years to recognize Duluthians who are accomplishing great things in the world. It should be fun. Thanks again to Greg Benson for the idea and his willingness to produce and personalize the keys. Not only is it a design worthy of hanging in a den, it's also made from a dishwasher-safe material.


about 9 years ago

That is absolutely brilliant!

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