Rob Harvilla gets “heavy into Low”


Though the July 26 episode of the podcast 60 Songs that Explain the ’90s is about the Mazzy Star track “Fade Into You,” music critic Rob Harvilla spends the first 20 minutes of the show gushing over another song and band entirely.

“My new favorite song is ‘Cue the Strings’ by the Duluth, Minn. band Low from their 2005 album The Great Destroyer,” he states at the start of the show, before launching into a deep dive into the music of Alan Sparhawk and the late Mimi Parker.

“The radio, in general, ain’t got much use for ballads, for slowness, for stillness, for unbroken serenity. And ’90s alt-rock radio specifically had no idea what to do with Low,” Harvilla concludes. “As ’90s alt-rock radio hits went, you cherished any slowness or stillness or serenity that you could find. And you could, on a few precious occasions, find it.”

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