Low fights for rights to master recordings

I’m surprised I didn’t know about this yet, but the Star Trib just posted a story about the difficulties Low and other mostly indie bands are having with re-releasing and/or getting the rights back for their older recordings. What a goofy system to deal with art! Art belongs to the artist(s)!

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T. Heinonen

about 1 year ago

This has long been a problem for many musicians. I know of a few friends and fellow musicians who entered into a contract with a "Big Time" recording label and regretted the conditions they had signed into and couldn't wait to get out of the contract. Reading the fine print and having a lawyer would be paramount for any artist who is trying to follow their passion and trying to make a living doing their art -- music or visual. In the past month there was a story about John Fogerty getting his song folio back ... makes interesting reading and a story of caution. Even in the early days of recording many blues musicians and country artists were and still are being taken advantage of. In these digital days, it would seem that self-publishing is easier to retain ownership of your creative catalog.

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