The doctor is in, and he is 11

The Black-eyed Snakes, featuring 11-year-old percussionist Andrew Olson, performing “Chicken Bone George” on April 15 at Jefferson Pub & Grill during the Mid West Music Fest.



about 13 years ago

If you ask his momma, she'd say he's a mighty good son.


about 13 years ago

Is he playing anywhere for Homegrown?


about 13 years ago

Was that the performance in front of the Brewhouse last spring? I thought the kid stole the show.

Miles A. Broad

about 13 years ago

You folks are sorry you missed the Deep Blues Festival of '08 where they played as one of the many hard rockers, with many never before seen in these parts.  Youtube Possessed by Paul James, Richard Johnston, Buffalo Killers, Bob Log III, it was unbelievable.  But I have to say I prefer Sparhawk in Low, if I have a choice. Don't think the amped up speed blues with distort green bullet mic is breaking too much new territory, not that it ever stopped anyone from trying, I suppose it allows him reprieve from melody.  He looks a mean cross between Gene Vincent and James Dean though.  Glad I saw Bonar instead, as their set times collided, the Winona Masonic Temple was perfectly erie for her haunting solo performance.  Plus, she was quoted as saying she didn't think men needed another club, which was funny, and sad but true.    Paul, what's it going to take to repeal the East Side Liquor Cock Block?  It sucks and I'm tired of it.  The mason lodge here would be a great place for a weekend rock-fest with beer, for I should like to drink at some new cozy establishment on this side of town, god damn Marshall's...  Have you people ever been over here?  It's not bad, save for the drinking laws.  This is the modern era isn't it?  We need some new streets, and booze could help pay for it. I meant to introduce this as the new 'holy grail' topic, so feel free.  We need change we can believe in!


about 13 years ago

Well, yes- he is a mighty good son ... since you asked.

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