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Suburbs Memories

If anyone has fun memories of going to a Suburbs show especially in Duluth please post them in the comments. I want to read them on my radio show today between sets of awesome Suburbs music.

R.I.P. Bruce Allen.

Zave Zou Zeen Zo Zhe Zinema?


Have you been to the Zinema yet? I went to see The Big Lebowski last Friday and Moon earlier this week. If you have not been, what are you waiting for? This theatre is a jewel! I have been bitching for years about the lack of good movies in Duluth and now the drought is over.

Nick and I have made a commitment to support the Zinema 2 as much as humanly possible. Hell, I don’t have to sneak my beer in anymore, they sell it at the concession stand! Good beer on tap and for those on a budget get a bucket of Premiums for 10 bucks. When you are done with those 6 beers you can pee in the bucket! No more pesky bathroom breaks! More exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously the Zinema 2 is the best thing to happen to Duluth in a long time and I hope it is supported. Quit yer bitching and go see a movie!

You’re Getting Under My Skin.

I am completely obsessed with the Botfly.

Question of the Day.

What won’t you buy used? I have a thing against used sheets, something weird about that. Also underwear (of course) and toilet brushes. How about you?

Poor Bird


This poor bird died on impact but it sure left a nice piece of art on the Saint Mary’s skywalk.

Caption This.

Stinky Hippies

Duluth’s Trampled By Turtles are playing an unannounced show at the Looch tonight. Mmmm patchouli and bluegrass.

Anyone Recognize this Dog?

This cute little Pug was wandering around the neighborhood this morning. Trying to find it’s owner. Found in the area of 12th Ave East and 7th St.

25 Years of Purple Rain

Purple Rain

I know it is hard to believe but Purple Rain was released 25 years ago this week and I am going to do a special episode of The Local to celebrate. Leave your stories about Prince and Purple Rain from the mid-1980s. I know many of you have great stories.

Where in Duluth…

Is this?

Author? Author?


As you may all know David Sedaris was in town last night promoting the soft-cover release of his latest book When You Are Engulfed in Flames. I had the honor of playing tunes for the waiting crowd which finally wound down at 1 a.m.. I don’t imagine there are any authors that stick around until every last book is signed but he sure did. I could have left early but I was hoping to have him record a promo for my radio show, which he did! I also recorded the show on my phone for those of you who didn’t make it out. It is in 5 parts and may be downloaded below.

Thanks again Mr. Sedaris and I apologize for the photo I snapped of you. It was taken before I found out they were not allowed.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

The Local Promo [unedited]

Ironic 1?

Oh Hell Yeah!

Park Point here I come. I think we need to have a wearable towel pub crawl this summer, order yours now!

For the Non-Twitter folks.

I present to you creepy beauty heads in bed of pickup.

Where in duluth is this?