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Photos of an Empty Skywalk

The Duluth News Tribune recently published an article about the Downtown Task Force’s recommendations to improve conditions in downtown. This summer, I spent some time walking through the Skywalk system and was a bit shocked by how empty it was. The summer might not be the most popular time to use the Skywalk, but it wasn’t just the absence of people. So many of the shops that I remembered were gone. I didn’t intend to make a themed photo series about this, but I had my camera and kept turning a corner to find another impossibly long, completely empty hallway.

Duluth You & Me: Northwest Passage

Use the link below for a printable PDF for your coloring and drawing pleasure.
Duluth You & Me: Northwest Passage

Follow the Duluth You & Me subject tag to see additional pages. For background on the book see the original post on the topic.

Costello Block rubble of 2007; Wieland Block of 2017

Costello Block Demolition 2007

Weiland Block 2017

The top photo is from April 5, 2007; the bottom is from the same spot on April 5, 2017.

Ten years ago the Costello Block was a pile of bricks, brownstone and timber at 22-24 E. Superior St. It was demolished to make way for A&L Properties’ redevelopment and expansion of the Wieland Block, which incorporated two century-old structures to the east of the Costello Block — the Hayes Block and the Wieland Block, shown in both images above.

Indoor Walking Options in Duluth

Duluth Skywalk system map.

A recent request that came Perfect Duluth Day’s way via Facebook from a visitor to town was for information and links on indoor walking options. There are a handful of options that will be obvious to people familiar with Duluth, but perhaps there are some less-obvious examples that will be shared in the comments.

The first three are probably the best if you don’t want to ram into people and like shopping options along the way.

The Skywalk, UMD and Essentia are the best for seeing daylight during your indoor walk.

UMD is the best one for the possibility of getting lost or plowing into someone who is rushing through the crowd to get to class.

NorShor Theatre Preliminary Designs

Six-page PDF of NorShor Theatre preliminary schematic designs

Poor Bird


This poor bird died on impact but it sure left a nice piece of art on the Saint Mary’s skywalk.

Skywalkin’ in Duluth in 2009

Short video through a part of the Duluth Skywalk.

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