Skywalkin’ in Duluth in 2009

Short video through a part of the Duluth Skywalk.



about 15 years ago

Cool vid. Thanks for posting.

When I was a wee teenager, a friend and I would skip school, dress in our nicest clothes, and wander the MPLS skyway acting like business-men. We'd buy a paper in City Center and sit on a bench in the IDS court acting all proper and important-like. How silly in retrospect.

Hells Bells

about 15 years ago

They really need to open the Skywalk for a late night bike race...All the way to the DECC


about 15 years ago

I'd be interested in them allowing pac-man in the DULUTH skyway.  Now that'd be fun!!


about 15 years ago

For all the years the skywalk has been around, it looks pretty good! Thanks for sharing.
Anyone know the birthdate and connections of the original skywalk? I don't, just asking. 
I remember some of the later installments - under the Radisson and library/Superior Street.
As a little kid I wondered why people would watch the Christmas Parade from the skywalk in connections to places like MP&L and Holiday Center.
Now as an adult, I understand...brrr

Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

The Northwest Passage Skywalk, connecting the DECC (then the Duluth Arena) to the downtown opened in October 1977.

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