Indoor Walking Options in Duluth

Duluth Skywalk system map.

A recent request that came Perfect Duluth Day’s way via Facebook from a visitor to town was for information and links on indoor walking options. There are a handful of options that will be obvious to people familiar with Duluth, but perhaps there are some less-obvious examples that will be shared in the comments.

The first three are probably the best if you don’t want to ram into people and like shopping options along the way.

The Skywalk, UMD and Essentia are the best for seeing daylight during your indoor walk.

UMD is the best one for the possibility of getting lost or plowing into someone who is rushing through the crowd to get to class.


De man

about 11 years ago

Someday, you'll be able to enter the skywalk on 4th street, between 4th and 5th avenues, and walk indoors all the way to the Amsoil. At least, that's what they've been promising me for most of my life.


about 11 years ago

You can use the Skywalk system through the Essentia Health network.  Alternatively, you can go to the track in their Second Street Building. Essentia used to offer pay-by-the-day/month passes for their facilities.  The Duluth YMCA also has day passes for its track, but I can't remember if you have to be a guest of a member to get a pass.


about 11 years ago

In response to emmadogs comments about the YMCA and Essentia. Day passes to the Duluth Clinic Fitness Center at Essentia are $6.50 + tax or something close to that (the passes do go on sale twice a year for half price and are one of the best fitness bargains in town). Day passes for the YMCA are at least $10/day, maybe more. It's enough that I never go there. Anyone else know of any pay-as-you-go fitness facilities in town? I do enough outside activities that I'm really only looking for a gym 3-4 times a month, not enough to justify a membership anywhere.

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