25 Years of Purple Rain

Purple Rain

I know it is hard to believe but Purple Rain was released 25 years ago this week and I am going to do a special episode of The Local to celebrate. Leave your stories about Prince and Purple Rain from the mid-1980s. I know many of you have great stories.


Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

As an 11-year-old boy attempting to define his masculinity in 1984, I had to reject Prince's effeminacy. Quiet Riot, Def Leppard, Van Halen, et. al. were safer to idolize, even though the metal guys had long hair and makeup, and even though Prince always had hot chicks in his videos, too.

It wasn't enough to quietly dislike Prince. Displays of animosity seemed necessary.


In this photo circa 1985 my friend Jeff, wearing a sleeveless Motley Crue shirt, lights a Prince poster on fire. That's me cheering him on. Nice gray sweatpants, ay?

amy a.

about 15 years ago

I have that same poster in my living room -- in 2009.

Paul Lundgren

about 15 years ago

To make up for going negative with my first comment, I will add that my second-favorite Prince song is from the Purple Rain album. The way "Darling Nikki" got Tipper Gore and Susan Baker all hot and bothered was enough to make me a fan.

Mark Ryan

about 15 years ago

I worked for Prince in the late 80's editing videos at Paisley Park studios. He stiffed paying me for so long I had to file suit in Carver County. Just before the trial date came up his minions called me and said a check was on its way. The check came soon after, but they hadn't included the interest on the months and months of late payment. So I cashed that check (immediately) and called them back and said the trial was still on unless they sent me the interest due. They conceded and sent me another check. I bought a Queen Anne table with that money at an antique store. We still have it and refer to it as our Prince Anne table.

mrs. G

about 15 years ago

Prince was a few seats away from me at the beginning of a Tori Amos concert in November of '07.  When people started noticing him he split.


about 15 years ago

Yep. Back in the day, quite a Prince fan. Right down to the make-up floating off the end of my eyebrow and glitter gel in my bad-ass Revolution bangs. I was heading up in an elevator in Cedar Square West in my Army jacket and a young woman gets on with me, looks at my black lace leggings and says, "Hey, are you filming with Purple Rain?". I gave her my coolest lip curl and said, "Yeah. Prince is pretty cool." 
I suspect that's the coolest anyone has ever thought I was, ever. Thank you, Prince, for making my life cool - if only for two minutes. 
BTW, Paul, ditto on Darling Nikki.


about 15 years ago

Back in the day, I used to toil down there at First and Seventh. The stories I remember about the Purple One are far too numerous. He was decidedly eccentric back then, yet without the spotlight of scrutiny that would eventually come. So many hangers-on cluttering the club. The true odd flawed gems and dregs of fandom inhabited that venue for almost two years after Purple Rain. He is a genius of sorts, but it always amazed me as to how many borderline types his genius drew out of the woodwork. To this day, I still remember discovering him standing on the other side of the 7th St. Entry's cashier's half-door watching me with quiet disdain as I threw breaded mushrooms into the air and caught them in my mouth. He simply shook his head disgusted. I had pretty much the same reaction over Under The Cherry Moon. I guess we are even to some extent.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

Five years later, I just want to point out that Mark Ryan's story is the best.

Happy 30th birthday, Purple Rain. I'm so sorry for how I reacted as a teenager. I hope Prince forgives me.

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