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R.I.P. Honking Tree


Poor tree. Bad Human.

Where in the Twin Ports?

Is this?

Greed is Alive and Well

Not everyone is hurting.

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Hello Twitter nerds. PDD has a twitter account and as of today whenever a post is published on PDD you will get a Tweet which includes a link to the post. I know it’s not that useful but fun none the less. To get these updates just follow @PDDduluth.

Good day.

Craig Rhode Jr. Nails it.

From todays DNT opinion section.

From the Video Archive.

An oldie but goodie.

“The Local” Podcast

I won’t be making a habit of promoting my Podcast but I was accepted in the iTunes store. The link is below. Subscribe and enjoy. You can also subscribe to my podcast and many others at the KUMD website.


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In the shower this morning I was thinking about how the digital lifestyle is taking over my old analog self. I rarely play LP’s or CD’s anymore, Pandora and Podcasts are replacing radio, I read books on my iPhone, get recipes online and communicate with Facebook and Twitter. Many of these tools replace things I used to spend money on which is good for me but I wonder where this will all lead? Papers are going under, bands can’t sell nearly as many CD’s and I’m sure Publishers will see a loss in sales of books now that they are going digital.

I’m not sure what my point is but I am curious how others have adapted/adopted to the digital lifestyle. Is digital good for the human race?

Where is it?

“The Local” Podcast


Welcome to “The Local” podcast. Each week I will pump out a segment of my KUMD show. It includes a couple songs that I get permission to use, the calendar and interviews. The show is still evolving so any comments/criticism you want to send my way feel free (hello craig…)

I have submitted the show to iTunes and am waiting on approval but you can paste the feed in right now and it should work. Thanks.

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DTV: Now with 25 percent more downtime

Don’t mess with my Seinfeld man.

Bobby Jindal = The New Palin


Any bets on who Saturday Night Live skewers this week?

From My Big Box of Photos | 2004

Green Man 2004

The 2004 Green Man was probably my favorite year. Sure the first one had it’s torrential rains and gale force winds and the last one had record breaking temps and gale force winds but 2004 was great.

The Local Promo

My first promo for The Local.

Background music by Crew Jones.

Six-Word Memoirs: Valentine Edition


On NPR yesterday there was a segment about Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak that was published in Smith Magazine. Inspired by novelist Ernest Hemingway, who, when asked to write a full story in six words, responded: “For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

It was a great listen and now in honor of Saint Valentine it is your turn. My submission is above, leave yours in the comments.