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Welcome to “The Local” podcast. Each week I will pump out a segment of my KUMD show. It includes a couple songs that I get permission to use, the calendar and interviews. The show is still evolving so any comments/criticism you want to send my way feel free (hello craig…)

I have submitted the show to iTunes and am waiting on approval but you can paste the feed in right now and it should work. Thanks.

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You can also check out my blog to get playlists.



about 13 years ago

Congrats.  Good to see more local podcasts.


about 13 years ago

I loved the show. What a concept: say where and when a band is playing this weekend and then play a tune by them.



about 13 years ago

Great show yesterday, Starfire. I heartily approve!

BTW: for those who care, Mischke is back on the air via City Pages - streaming live every day 2pm-4pm, then podcasted.


about 13 years ago

Must be nice to have a podcast sponsored by public radio and pledges.


about 13 years ago

sorry adam, I didn't know he was buying ad space from you. My bad.


about 13 years ago

I caught your show on KUMD, Starfire -- rock on!


about 13 years ago

Really enjoyed the show.  Very cool to hear some local music on the radio.

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