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The places you can move to once you have lived in Duluth

It was always a joke that the only places you could move after living in Duluth were: Back to the Twin Cites; Bozeman Mont.; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Seattle, Wash. or Portland, Ore. Add Los Angeles, Calif.; Las Vegas, Nev. and Tempe, Ariz. and that was 2008.

UMD Alumni Composer Concert Tuesday

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 – 7:30pm
UMD Alumni Composer Concert
UMD Weber Hall
Adult $8 – Senior $7 – Student $5 – UMD Student $3 – Alumni $2

This is new classical chamber music featuring a real PDD’er!

The concert features the music of 4 umd alumni composers: Robert Linnemann, Ryan Rapsys, Nick Mroczek and James Gould. All of the pieces are lyrical, varied and entertaining. Every composition is a world debut! The Gichigami Piano Trio is the featured group, but the umd woodwind quintet and other small ensembles will also play.

Bird or Buoy?

So, we were at Park Point on Sunday. It was pretty far away and after a 45 minute walk on the sand we finally realized what it was. Can you tell?
(picture by Michael Kehn)

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Duluth-area restaurants serving phở

phoPhở is a Vietnamese soup and there are trendy phở places all over in the Twin Cities. What about Duluth and Superior?

Taste of Saigon?

Thai Krathong?

Vietnamese Lotus Inn?

Panoramas of Duluth over time

Check out more at the Library of Congress site.

Little boy from Duluth finds E. T.

The Onion: Boy Finds Own Real-Life E.T.

Very Illustrated People Tattoo Studio

V.I.P. “Very Illustrated People” Tattoo Studio is business in Duluth, Minnesota. Owner Brian “B.C.” Carlson, a Duluth native, has been tattooing since the age of 13. Starting out as a hobby tattooing friends, it has blossomed into a great new business. After obtaining and successfully completing a professional tattoo apprenticeship with Dave Zappia, Brian has decided to continue professional tattooing in the Northland. Whether it’s tribal, old school, new skool, oriental, realism, black and grey, or custom, the clients ideas get manifested on the skin. Getting a tattoo at V.I.P. is easy and safe. The personable attitude of the crew, commitment of professionalism, and up-to-date safety precautions makes V.I.P. a great place to get inked.

Call for details. 218-728-8995. 5 North 19th Ave E, right around the corner from Amazing Alonzo Paperback Exchange.

Click more to see a cool starwars tattoo!

[Don’t] See the Twin Cities by Streetcar

Ever wonder where all the streetcars went? A subsidiary of GM bought them, burned them and put in a few buses and sold them back to the city once they were finally destroyed.

Here is a streetcar map of St. Paul and Minneapolis in 1933!
Minneapolis and St. Paul by streetcar
map from here

Thanks hbh!

Taken for a Ride is a great documentary about this scandal.–38Cg&q=taken+for+a+ride

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