You’re Getting Under My Skin.

I am completely obsessed with the Botfly.

Much more here.



about 15 years ago

Radio Lab pod cast about a man with a Botfly in his head.

Fun stuff!


about 15 years ago

My jack russell terrier had one of these on his belly a couple summers ago.  I noticed him scratching a sore on his belly, he was pretty miserable for several days.  I watched it very closely every day, even put a little ointment on it until one day I noticed it was open.  I was holding my dog upside down and it poked its disgusting head out and WIGGLED.  I ran to the sink and pinched it, and it POPPED OUT like a gigantic zit.  I sent it to its disgusting demise down the disposal.

I saw an even bigger one come out of a rabbit at a vet's office.  DISGUSTING, and yet, completely fascinating.


about 15 years ago

*Runs away, flailing and screaming.*


about 15 years ago

From Wikipedia: "Removal processes include placing raw meat on to the area, which in theory will coax the larva out. ... Additionally, one can attempt to seal the breathing hole of the larva with nail polish, vaseline or adhesive tape and then, after a day, squeeze out the suffocated, dead larva."
~~ faints ~~


about 15 years ago

I'm never leaving the house again.
Nature sucks.


about 15 years ago

i am SO not watching that video. 

i prefer my grotesqueries to be imaginary.


about 15 years ago

They are good to eat as well.


about 15 years ago

@ girlfromnorthcountry.  Where did this happen?  We don't have them up here do we?  I thought they were in places like Central America.  I saw some show on Animal Planet about a guy who got one in Costa Rica.  He put vaseline and plastic over the whole and waited for it to come out.  It came out partway and them he pulled the rest out with a pliers.  It was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen.


about 15 years ago

@Chris, it happened when I was living in Colorado, but I the terrier and I had just gotten back from a week in Duluth, so it's fair to say he could have picked it up either place (or en route).  The rabbit of which I spoke was in CO as well.  I had always believed it to be a Central American thing as well, but my vet assured me they can be anywhere.  I was pretty lucky the terrier's decided to make an exit on its own, the rabbit didn't fare nearly as well.  That one had to be removed and the poor little guy was a mess.  A little peroxide and the terrier was all better in a couple days.  Great fodder for nightmares, this stuff.


about 15 years ago

If you like bot fly, you're gonna love the latest Radio Lab:

(and I second sjixxxy's recommended listening)

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