Rhubarb Festival

Rhubarb Panorama

I suggested the Chum’s Rhubarb Festival to Bob Collins for his News Cut Blog as something fantastically Minnesotan happening to cover this weekend for his blog. He said send him some pictures. No idea how to do that exactly as I don’t have his email, and not sure if he was even serious, but I had lots of fun taking pictures with a Speedy Wienie-eye view today. I also tweeted a bit between customers mostly about weather and music, you can read them by following @jprennquist.

This festival is one of the coolest things I am involved in. I loved seeing so many fine people out supporting CHUM, truly one of Duluth’s finest institutions … including many of the PDD glitterati. I have no idea what the final take was, but in addition to the auction, the treats, rhubarb burritos and whatever other folks kicked in, they sold all 1,000 pies from church basement ladies around the area. And at $12 a piece, well, that’s a lot of people being helped by a little pie.

If you look at Twin Ports Rascapallion and quasi-homeless person, GEO, in this picture you can see he actually does have a slight smile for me. He’s a member of the First Lutheran Church where this is held, and he told me so many times. Also ran an errand for me so I could bring back some pies for my lady before they all ran out.

Neighbors @ Rhubarb Fest


Rhubarb Man and Friends …



I liked her color palette, looks like she should be in a 1960s caper movie to me here and I told her so …

Scenester at the Rhubarb Fest

Speaking of tailors, they actually used one of those fancy measuring tapes to get the exact measurements for the biggest leaf and stalk. It’s all very scientific.

Rhubarb Stalk and Leaf Measuring

wienie wag

and finally my personal favorite of the day (although rhubarb related in place only) … it’s not always as much fun as it looks being a wienie girl … my daughter Maria who wanted to be close to dad and hopped up in the wienie wagon with me for an hour or so.

wienie girl

I’ll send a link of this to Bob and we’ll see … maybe he’ll be able to use some of them. Regardless, I had a great time, my fifth year.



about 15 years ago

He used one and sent folks back here!  Says I 
write" the PDD blog which is obviously a humorous misrepresentation albeit an accidental and understandable one.  I'll let him know and maybe he'll change that to "contribute"

I think this will work to click and see them all, or else just cut and paste in your browser (there's also the possibility that Barret or Baci or Ironic1 will html it up for us, too)


Lois from Rhubarb Recipes

about 13 years ago

Just came across your site while looking for information on Rhubarb Festivals in the U.S.A.

Great pictures of the 2010 Rhubarb Festival!!

We have a Rhubarb Festival about one hour drive from our home (Shedden Rhubarb Festival), but I think your Festival is a MUCH bigger even!

I am the webmaster of a website devoted ENTIRELY to Rhubarb...EVERYTHING Rhubarb! I have a section on Rhubarb Festivals, and I have included the CHUM Rhubarb Festival. You can see the link here: http://www.rhubarb-central.com/rhubarb-festival.html

I would LOVE to include a few of the above pictures on my website in the area around the Festival Information for CHUM.

Let me know if this is okay with you!

Kind regards!


about 13 years ago

That's fine Lois.  Good luck with your festival!

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