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2016 Homegrown Steering Committee Openings

Homegrown Steering Committee Openings

Seeking Homegrown Photographs

The Duluth Homegrown Music Festival is seeking 2014 festival photographs for inclusion in this year’s Homegrown Field Guide.

DVDs / thumb drives preferred. These will be for print, so they need to be large / high-quality.

Photographs of people and festivities and the spirit of Homegrown are much desired over a dude on stage with a guitar mid-guitaring with a guitar face.

To make arrangements, please contact adam [at] duluthhomegrown [dot] com. Thank you, fans!

Duluth Homegrown: Classical Music Registration

Classical ChickenNow opening submissions for the newest showcase of Duluth Homegrown: Classical Music! Open to all classical musicians, from Bach to Bartók, soloist to chamber group. Do you sing an aria from your favorite opera, or have this quartet piece you’ve been dying to perform? We want to hear from you! You have until Dec. 15 to submit your information.  Performance time for this showcase is Saturday, May 2 from 4 to 6:30 p.m. at Sacred Heart. Any questions, please contact us at [email protected]. For submissions, go to

Homegrown Steering Committee Openings

chicksThe Homegrown Music Festival is looking to add new members to the Homegrown Steering Committee – the nonprofit committee responsible for the nuts and bolts of the eight-day festival. Ideal candidates have a love of local music and our community, and an eager commitment to continuing to improve the 16-year celebration of local music and culture. Committee terms are two years, with the opportunity to renew.

Deadline for application is Friday, Sept. 26.

Homegrown Kickball

The 2014 Homegrown kickball game is officially being relocated to Observation Park.

Duluth News Tribune website redesign

The DNT’s new website rollout seems to be going exceedingly well. Day three …

Homegrown 2014 T-Shirts

Pre-sale T-shirts for the 2014 Homegrown Music Festival are now available. Artwork is by the wonderful Heidi Blunt. Be aware: unless you are a volunteer for the festival, this is the only way you can get a shirt this year. Pre-sale closes at the end of March.


Why is Enbridge banging out “we’re great on safety” ads on Pandora lately – oh, I get it.

Seeking: Homegrown 2013 Photos

It’s that time of year again. If you have Homegrown 2013 photos you’d like to have considered for inclusion in this year’s Homegrown Field Guide, send me an email: adam [at] transistormag [dot] com.

Thank you, fans!

Homegrown Field Guide Last Call

Diorama-rama – March 29

Sarah Heimer says: “Hello all! Getting the word out that the Diorama-rama is happening this year on March 29 at Sacred Heart! This a call out to anyone/everyone interested in making a diorama for a super fun one night show. (For those of you who don’t know … a diorama is a box with a scene inside it.) Anyone is welcome to make and show one, the more the merrier! They can be any shape, size, theme that you want. It will be a night of music and art and fun and it only happens once every two years. Feel free to contact me for more info. Tell your friends!”

Homegrown 300

Thank you to all of the performers who registered for the 2014 Homegrown Music Festival. Even with the earlier registration window, it was a banner year, reaching 317 total submissions. Band selection starts this weekend, and scheduling begins next week (and will take 20+ versions and the entire month of February). Hold tight. More details when we have ’em. Happy Homegrown!

Vice Does Enbridge

Vice reports:

“It’s been three and a half years since Enbridge’s Line 6B pipeline ruptured in Marshall, Michigan, leaking more than 843,000 gallons of diluted tar sands bitumen into the Kalamazoo River. It was the largest on-land oil spill in the history of the USA, and remains, so far, as the largest spill of tar sands oil ever. Yet despite Enbridge’s immense, ongoing clean-up operation, which has spanned more than three years, cost over a billion dollars, and removed significantly more oil from the river than the company will admit it spilled, those living in Enbridge’s sacrifice zone have more questions than answers-even as most areas of the river have been re-opened for public use. High on the list of concerns is a chilling refrain: What are these chemicals that work crews have been dumping into the river in massive quantities, and are they dangerous?”

Poll Crazy

I think you folks are getting a little too poll crazy.

Call for HG2013 Photos

A blustery fall day seems like a good day to get an early start on Homegrown 2013 photo wrangling for next year’s Field Guide. With an earlier start, hopefully this can evolve into better curation and collaboration. Send me stuff & questions: transistormag [/] gmail.

Homegrown is also in the process of planning a website / photo archive / history overhaul, so we will be looking for a “motherfucking sub-committee” for that, if I remember my meeting notes correctly seeking input.


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