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Seeking: Homegrown Photos

The Homegrown Music Festival is seeking photos from the 2012 festival for use in the Field Guide. Large, print quality photos, please – most camera phone photos are not going to cut it.

Please send photos / more information / mailing address for discs: transistormag [at] gmail [dot] com.

Thank you, fans!

Jambox – 01.18

When is the Friday night 2AM Jambox snowboard video in the Central Hillside going to get posted? Six people pulling a snowboarder back on a bungie to go off a makeshift ramp onto a dumpster, over a wall, and down to the old Daugherty Hardware parking lot. Awesome. Props to the snow removal guy in the Bobcat that freaked them all out until he explained he wanted to help them move snow for a better landing.

15th annual Homegrown band registration open

15th Anniversary Homegrown Band Registration Open

Bev’s Jook Joint for Sale or Lease

Bev’s Jook Joint for sale or lease.” Bev Robinson – jjointmusic [at] yahoo [dot] com.

DNT; Jo Cooley: Gen Con Now ‘Video-gaming Convention”

From the DNT – “Local view: Video-gaming convention not a good idea for Duluth”:

“Bringing a scaled-down version of Indiana’s Gen Con convention to Duluth would only increase the amount of violence to which Duluth is exposed. Is increased violence something we really want to willingly welcome into Duluth?”

Your opinion piece is maddeningly uninformed and you should feel bad.


There is a Kickstarter project running right now to fund “an entirely epic gaming convention taking place in the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center over Memorial Day weekend.” Board games, RPGs, wargames, TCGs, LAN gaming, celebrity guests and contests. Project closes December 22.

In Case You Missed It

This is too stupid to not let go unnoticed: Welcome to UMD. Again.


I don’t want to argue, but Caroll Spinney was a shoo-in for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.

MN Representative Keith Ellison AMA

Minnesota 5th District House Rep., Keith Ellison, hosted an Ask Me Anything on Reddit today.

Cold, Colder, Coldest

Has anyone else noticed that for the past two months Duluth city tap water doesn’t seem as cold as it used to? I mean, it’s cold, it’s just not the same level of… coldness it has been in the past. Is this a result of the Flizzard, the amazingly long streak of hot days, a combination, neither?

Minneapolis Fundraisers Haven’t Learned the Duluth Trick: Not Paying Artists

Fundraisers cost money?

Park Point Beach Website

The University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program has a new Park Point beach website. 103.3FM KUMD broadcasts reports based on at 10 a.m., Monday through Friday during the summer.

The website is a product of a water safety collaboration lead by the University of Minnesota Sea Grant Program, with contributions from the Minnesota Dept. of Health, City of Duluth Parks & Recreation Dept., Duluth Fire Dept., Duluth National Weather Service Office, Duluth Y, Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Program, Northland Red Cross and Visit Duluth.

News From MPLS

Just Take Action (Brewhouse, Tycoons, et al.) to open a Brewhouse-esque restaurant in the old Trocaderos in MPLS.

Anoka County said FU to the Northern Lights Express. Paid executives of the Minneapolis-Duluth/Superior Passenger Rail Alliance are just stunned.

It’s not prognostication if you are not a lummox

“Duluth was trying to develop another economy with technology, like hundreds of others tried,” Link said. “It failed everywhere, not just Duluth.” – J.R. “Rob” Link DNT

It did not fail everywhere. Stupid failed.

We don’t get to be the Galactic Seaport Gateway Harbor to the internets anymore just because we paid some Swedish shysters moneys??  Opportunistic bandwagoneers. What makes this so frustrating is 11 years ago, the same sorts of people (the Dotys, the developers, the councilpersons, the Soft Center representatives [PDF]) were cheerleading and saying exactly the opposite. And it was as obviously /Facepalm then as it appears today.

Bill, where’s your music video?

Bill, where’s your music video?

(Can a PDD “Homegrown” category be added?)

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