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So it begins … again

The Homegrown Field Guide arrived today! They will be distributed over the next week to all of your favorite venues and local businesses. An online copy will be available shortly.

Duluth News Tribune – Our view: Why no arrests after glitter-bombings?

Today’s DNT op-ed: “Our view: Why no arrests after glitter-bombings?

Google Kansas Starts Hanging Tubes

Google Inc. will begin construction today in Kansas City, Kan., on its long-awaited, much-coveted ultrafast Internet service. The company planned to make the announcement this morning in a blog post by Kevin Lo, the Google executive heading up the project.”

Fiasco Changes

Just a heads up: Friday night’s Homegrown Winter Fiasco has moved Murder of Crows (featuring Gaelynn Lea & Alan Sparhawk) to Carmody Irish Pub @ 11:30PM, and the Acceleratii to the Rex Bar @ 12:30AM. That’s why it’s called a fiasco, folks.

Google Kansas City: Poles & Tubes

Google Fiber work in KCK is delayed by dispute over how its wires are hung.

Homegrown 2012 Band Registration Opens

Homegrown: The Apocalypse

Band registration for the 2012 Homegrown Music Festival is now open! You can register here. Homegrown is also seeking volunteers for the 8 day festival. Learn more here.


Word is Big Wave Dave & the Ripples’ horn section will be backing up Cry on Cue tonight (Jan. 14) at the Rex. 10PM; 21+; cheap cover. Sexy.

Winter Fiasco + Art

Greetings from the Homegrown Music Festival steering committee! The Winter Fiasco kicks off 2012’s Homegrown: The Apocalypse band registration, which runs Jan. 15 to Feb. 15. Band registration is online only (unless you’re Jim Hall). Also, Prøve Gallery is hosting a Duluth / Superior rawk poster art show during the Fiasco. If you have art you would like to display, please contact Richard Hansen: richard [at] soundunseen [dot] com. Spanks!

Homegrown Photos Wanted

The Homegrown Music Festival seeks 2011 festival photos for the 2012 Field Guide. For more information and where to send CDs, email: adam [at] transistormag [dot] com. No watermarks, please. Thank you!

Worst. Miniature. Golf. Ever.

Spirit Mountain Mini Golf | is hands down the worst miniature golf course I have ever played. It is not “unique” nor an “outdoor adventure” – it comes across as under-challenging, half-assed, simple and incomplete. The next time I want to play on an unfinished-looking, masonite-smooth play surface(!), no challenge or engagement of a rat cubicle 9-hole course, you’ll be the first to know, Mr. Salmela. Seriously. I like your houses. Stick to that. A complete rip-off at $4.

Duluth Skateboarders GTFO 2011

I emailed four at-large city council candidates and First District candidate Jennifer Julsrud to ask: “What do you think of the Canal Park skateboarding ban?”

Tim Riley | At-large Duluth City Council Candidate

After looking at the ordinance, some skateboarders at some time ran into pedestrians. And some complaints of property damage initiated the ordinance.

Are you thinking of proposing a skateboard park located near Canal Park? Please let me know your opinion concerning skateboarding there.


Emily Larson | At-large Duluth City Council Candidate

Tough question to answer succinctly, but here goes…

Long Answer: I’m disappointed we don’t have a decent skate park in Duluth. Most skaters I know head to public spaces (and Superior) looking for a way to enjoy their sport with some challenge and terrain. So maybe developing some recreational awesomeness for boarders is one option moving forward.

I personally enjoy a mix of folks and activity in Canal Park. Raising two sons, I appreciate that we want our public spaces to be available for everyone, including our young people, to enjoy. That feeling is also balanced with experience of Amazing Grace, the coffee chop founded by my husband Doug. We’d sold his part of it before the skateboarding conflict arose. I’m sympathetic to the impact of the few folks who choose to recreate disruptively. Certainly that’s the minority of folks who board. I don’t recall if the skateboarding community was welcomed into a discussion of the conflict and subsequent limits placed on boarding. So I’d like to learn more from you on that, the legalities around skateboarding (is it legal to board in the street?), and what best practice is in other communities regarding skateboarding.

Honestly, I’m not convinced Canal Park is the best place for recreational boarding, especially on sidewalks during the high season of tourism with people in and out of shops and the risk of distracted drivers.

Short answer: I’m all for skateboarding. And working with people (especially the boarding community) to identify the best places to make it happen. If it’s Canal Park, then let’s build to suit and / or talk about how to identify a way to make it a fun, safe and workable solution.


Chad Smith | At-large City Council Candidate

Thanks for the question. To put it simply, I don’t support the skateboarding ban in Canal Park. I work in that general area right now and when it was warmer it seemed like I still saw skateboarders all the time. That to me just shows how unenforceable, or at least unenforced, it is. One of my overarching beliefs in government is that rules shouldn’t be put on the books simply to put a rule there. It needs to have a genuine reason, and it absolutely should be enforceable. Putting an unenforceable rule on the books is just a waste of the council’s time and effort. Plus, by banning this in the area, it feels like they are trying to define a certain “image” of people who are welcome there, and those who aren’t. That’s something that makes me uncomfortable.

Basically, it’s a shame that a couple of bad apples spoiled this for the whole bunch, because it led to a disappointing ban that I wouldn’t have supported.


Linda Krug | At-large City Council Candidate

Thanks for your patience; I’ve been traveling for a couple of days and also wanted to have time to look a little at the skateboarding ban issue. After reading some of the 2009 news articles and thinking about the issue, I’d come down on the side of keeping the ban in place. I know I would think much differently about the issue if Canal Park were larger in size and less dense in terms of numbers of people, but it’s not and so my concern is a public safety one.


Jennifer Julsrud | First District City Council Candidate

Skateboarding can be a great way to get around town. My husband Erik, recently skateboarded to and from work (Lakeside to downtown Essentia). It’s also fun, recreational exercise, but the best place for skaters to work on jumps and tricks is at a skate park.

I support the ban on skateboarding in Canal Park’s areas of heavy pedestrian traffic. The ban was the result of a thoughtful collaboration between the business community and the police department. Canal Park needs to be a safe and relaxing place for everyone to enjoy. That being said, I would support the use of skateboards in the bike lanes, as a means of getting around Canal Park.

Bob Carlson: Businessman, Crusader or Smut-Peddler?

By Dave Hill | Sun Magazine July 15-16, 1970

Will the real Bob Carlson please stand up and identify himself? So far, there are conflicting reports about just who the real Bob Carlson is:

An enterprising St. Paul hustler who has made an opportune bundle as a publicity-wise smut-peddler;

A crusading champion of freedom who has been victimized by the harassment of St. Paul’s self-appointed guardians of public and private morality;

A modest, even earnest small businessman who runs a group of bookstores, putting in long hours of hard work, trying to make an honest dollar just like thousands of other men in the hardware, furniture or used car lines.

When the real Bob Carlson does stand up, the situation gets a little muddled. You see, to one degree or another, all three of those confusing caricatures seem to fit him, at least a little bit.

My Weekend Soundtrack

Mr. Nice: August 30