Another one bites the dust

another on bites the dust

What’s going on with celebs croaking these days?


Bad Cat!

about 12 years ago

All of our weird celebrities are dying off one by one!


about 12 years ago

I bet Carrot Top goes next.

Marin Christensen

about 12 years ago

Strangely, I'm more upset about Billy than MJ...


about 12 years ago

(snip)I bet Carrot Top goes next.(snip)

If only.


about 12 years ago

it's all my fault. the other day his oxyclean ad was shouting at me from the other room & i was wishing that guy wld shit

Dan E.

about 12 years ago

He lives/lived and died in Florida...not Cali.


about 12 years ago

^ my bad. corrected.


about 12 years ago

Danger, foul language. 

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