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Duluth – Superior Pride starts Sept. 2


D/S Pride is coming up soon


2009 Duluth – Superior Pride

Clicky for full schedule of events.

2009 DS Pride Logo

Pubic Option


h/t Pam’s House Blend

Sale at my house this weekend!

garage sale 2

choice items:
PA Speakers – $300
Roland VS-890 24 bit digital workstation – $250 – SOLD
Edirol powered studio monitors – $100 – SOLD
American Telecaster (sunburst) – $700
Lots of misc. recording gear
Men’s & women’s clothing & shoes
Dining room table

Golf Fore Pride

Golf Fore Pride

my hero – my future


someday this will be me. mustache & all.


crazy m.b.

check out this excellent post over at dumpbachmann.com on the MSM’s years of silence on Minnesota’s #1 whack-job  here.

Another one bites the dust

another on bites the dust

What’s going on with celebs croaking these days?

oh noes!!!

probable unemployed actors attempting to act afraid of the gays

see a snippets of the horrendous auditions for the “storm of gays” video.

Hip Hop at the Main Club


Early Warning


Fashion Foward


Tickets are $20 in advance – $25 at the door

mole people in duluth?

mole people in duluth?

Great Lakes Aquarium Volunteer Diving

Courtesy of www.margocavis.com