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We want your cat (videos)

You probably heard about the Walker Art Center’s Internet Cat Video festival this summer and you were probably devastated to miss it. But don’t get your whiskers out of whack because the Zinema Theater and the Duluth Art Institute are bringing the cats north. On Dec. 10, at 7 p.m., Zinema 2 will screen the insanely popular Cat Video Film Festival along with some special videos made right here at home. Imagine – you can see your favorite feline on the big screen next to lil bub!

The DAI needs your beans

Does anyone have beanbag chairs they want to loan the Duluth Art Institute for a couple months? We’re serious, even though this photo makes it look like we are not.

(FYI, image Google search “bean bag chairs” and you will find some delightful internet memes waiting to happen)

Robert Hughes, Art Lover.

If you haven’t heard, the Duluth Art Institute will soon be starting screenings of Robert Hughes’ Shock of the New, which is a fantastic eight-part series on the rise and fall of the modern art movement. Not only will you be able to rest your eyes on the handsome and talented Robert Hughes, but you will be able to do it for free.

Art Break

Mondays can be hard, but the Duluth Art Institute is making the start of the work week a little more bearable this October. The organization has teamed up with Zinema 2 theater to offer free lunchtime screenings and discussions on contemporary art. We’ll watch excerpts from the series “Art 21” and guest experts and local artists will be on hand to spice up the dialogue. Don’t miss this great opportunity to inject a little culture into the daily grind! Sessions start at noon and last only one hour so you can make your lunch break your ‘art’ break. For more information, please contact Anne Dugan at 733-7562 or adugan @ or

This Monday (October 10) the theme is ‘Memory’ and will include discussion on featured artist Hiroshi Sugimoto. He makes work that will blow your mind – like this photo he made of the Orinda Movie theater. He opened the exposure for the entire film so the viewer can ‘watch’ a film in a photo. Let’s discuss!

Free Range Film Fest is fun

These kids are on the nice list because they came to the Free Range Film Festival last night. There is still time to get off the naughty list. Films start at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Full schedule here

Free Tour and Talk

Duluth Art Institute Depot galleries
A free tour and talk with UMD instructor, Lucy Kragness, on the history of photojournalism and Esther Bubley’s role in the story. Think of it like Summer School – but fun!

Jewish Immigration History in the Twin Ports

Thursday, July 7, noon
Duluth Art Institute, Depot Building

The Duluth Art Institute welcomes Dr Robert Goldish as he explores some highlights from Jewish immigration history in the twin ports. Learn about some of our community’s founders and leaders and their personal stories and lives. The event and accompanying air conditioning are free; guests are welcome to bring their own lunch.

Drew Digby vs. Esther Bubley

Don’t miss the greatest showdown since Ali vs. Foreman.


Tonight (Monday, June 27) at 5:30pm in the Duluth Art Institute Galleries join Drew Digby for a free tour and talk of the Esther Bubley exhibit. Journalism, photojournalism, and the dignity of work: discuss.

There’s nothing to fear from independent cinema…

Free Range Film Festival
July 29 & 30

Free Movie Monday at Duluth Art Institute

Monday, June 6
6:30 Gallery Tour
7:30 Movie: “9 to 5”

Friday night isn’t the only free movie night in Duluth this summer! The Duluth Art Institute is offering Free Movie Monday at the Depot to celebrate the exhibit “Esther Bubley: On Assignment”. Treat yourself to a tour of our exhibition, then head downstairs to the Train Museum’s Zelda theater for a free movie.

Our first film of the series celebrates three sassy women as they take on their terrible boss. Dolly Parton memorized the entire movie, word for word, in preparation for her part, not realizing she really only needed to know her own lines!

Free Youth Design Workshop

This Saturday the Duluth Art Institute and the Southern St Louis County 4H program are teaming up to bring Jeff Johnson to town. Jeff is founder of Spunk Design Machine based in Minneapolis and New York and he is giving a free workshop on design for youth grades 5-12.

Saturday, June 4
1 – 3:30pm
Duluth Art Institute Depot
Call to register: 218-733-7562

Free Tour and Talk

“Esther Bubley: On Assignment”
Free Tour and Talk
Tuesday, May 17, 5:30pm
Duluth Art Institute Depot Galleries

The Duluth Art Institute just opened a retrospective of the work of Esther Bubley, a golden age photojournalist who worked for Life, Look, Ladies Home Journal and happened to grow up in Superior, Wisconsin. Come hear about her life and career from Teddie Meronek of the Douglas County Historical Society and Superior Public Library. Free and open to the public.

Homegrown Music Video Encore

For those of you who missed the LSD-tripping fabulousness of the Homegrown Music Video festival, don’t go cry in your pillow, come to Zinema 2 on Wednesday at 10pm for an encore performance.

Also, if you are a filmmaker, think about putting your film on the internets. It’s what all the kids are doing these days and then we can compile them on this here blog site for those that couldn’t get off the beer stool for either screening.

Make a Homegrown Music Video

Make a music video and win a free pass to homegrown!

We’re looking for filmmakers, aspiring filmmakers, and anyone who has ever wanted to put pictures to music.

Kick off  is April 19 at 7pm at the Homegrown Chicken Shack: 202 E. Superior St. – the same night as the Homegrown volunteer training. Filmmakers, etc, will draw songs at random and have until May 1 to create a video from the song (we can draw for you if you can’t make it tomorrow). We’ll play the finished work at Zinema 2 the Monday of Homegrown week. Everyone who turns in a video gets a free pass.

Let me know if you are interested or want me to draw a song for you.
annie at

Homegrown Music Video Festival

Call for music!
Call for filmmakers!

We’re doing another Homegrown Music Video Festival this year. Filmmakers draw a song at random from a beautiful top hat, then make a music video from said song.

Here is the PDD link to last year.

Would you be willing to donate a song or two to the cause?
Would you like to make a music video for a free pass to Homegrown?