Homegrown Music Video Festival

Call for music!
Call for filmmakers!

We’re doing another Homegrown Music Video Festival this year. Filmmakers draw a song at random from a beautiful top hat, then make a music video from said song.

Here is the PDD link to last year.

Would you be willing to donate a song or two to the cause?
Would you like to make a music video for a free pass to Homegrown?

The kick off / drawing is April 19 at 7pm at the Homegrown Chicken Shack: 202 E. Superior St. — the same night as the volunteer training. Filmmakers will draw songs at random that evening and they’ll have until May 1 to create their video (we can draw for you if you can’t make that evening). We’ll play the finished work at Zinema 2 the Monday of Homegrown week. The songs can be new or old, but under 5 minutes is best. If you are willing and able – send me an mp3 or I can pick up a disc. Please pass this on to other musicians/filmmakers you might know.

annie @ freerangefilm.com | 218-310-4703



about 11 years ago

Wow, it'll be interesting to see if someone can top last year's winner!

Paul Lundgren

about 11 years ago

A Claire-ification: The Homegrown Music Video Festival is not a competition, so technically there is no winner. (At least I'm pretty sure of that.)

"Amazing Kite" was so awesome last year that I referred to it on PDD as "Best in Show," and that's probably what Claire is referring to in the previous comment.


about 11 years ago

Paul is correct, there are no winners - but there are awesome videos. 
So you should probably do the following
a) donate a song 
b) make a video 
c) come see the finished products on the Monday of homegrown


about 11 years ago

My bad! We are all winners! I am so looking forward to this year's entries, last year's were AMAZING!


about 11 years ago

Oh that Paul is so good with words :)

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