The DAI needs your beans

Does anyone have beanbag chairs they want to loan the Duluth Art Institute for a couple months? We’re serious, even though this photo makes it look like we are not.

(FYI, image Google search “bean bag chairs” and you will find some delightful internet memes waiting to happen)

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about 11 years ago

Thank God they don't need my brains, because I'm all out.  That chair looks like an ecological disaster waiting to happen though, what are they filled with anyway? Probably not beans.  

For the record, last weekend, I always forget to bring a bag, but it irks the German in me royal, all the trash on the beach.  So I found the top to a minnow tank half way, figured that might do, and by the time I got back, had filled it to the breach by carefully filling the crevasses with larger trash so I could fill it more, and till I could find a receptacle.  

You wouldn't believe the cross section of materials, there were multiple foam ear plugs, that took some pondering, a few McDonald's straws, numerous foam items and candy wrappers, but when all was said and done, the section between 16th and 30th was pretty clean.  Damn it felt good. That great pile of plastic shit I pulled off the beach, was like art itself; naked, raw and sexual by design.

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