Blue Laws are Stupid, post #7

MPR News: Here comes the Sunday liquor sales debate again, this time with feisty craft beer brewers



about 10 years ago

Sunday is my favorite day to homebrew!


about 10 years ago

Imagine how much money in taxes the state loses every Sunday due to people crossing the border to buy alcohol for football.

Considering that almost all of the major population centers in the state are located near a border, the number has to be pretty high.


about 10 years ago

I guess the question then is, do people generally buy what they need on Saturday or do people rush out on Sunday to buy? (I'm sure some do, but is it significant?) 

For what it's worth, I think the law should be repealed.


about 10 years ago

I generally head over to Superior to buy anyway since it seems to be cheaper over there (plus to visit Mom).  

The bigger problem for me with this law is that it only exists to please those who have paid for influence, whether that be the liquor stores that don't want to compete with grocery stores or the union that doesn't want its workers to have to work on Sundays. That is not good legislation.

Barrett Chase

about 10 years ago

Wait ... There are liquor store employee unions? Citation, please.


about 10 years ago

Some of the distributors are union.

Paul Lundgren

about 10 years ago

"I've not heard of one distributorship that wants to deliver on Sundays either." -- Teamsters Joint Council #32 Political Director Ed Reynoso

Do soda pop distributors deliver on Sundays?

I honestly don't know, but if they don't that's a precedent for stores being able to be open on Sunday and not receive deliveries, and if they do it raises the question of why there should be a special law protecting liquor distributors from working as hard as soda pop distributors. (And I think in this market all the distributors handle beer and soda together anyway.)

[email protected]

about 10 years ago

Sigh.  Why not close all retail on Sundays?  Wouldn't that be even better?

I mean, c'mon.  Is there anything you need on Sunday that you couldn't possibly get any other day of the week?

Or how about a "Sunday Opening License/Tax"?  1/10th of 1% of all sales at any business open on Sunday to the State, to be spent on subsidizing MinnesotaCare?

Let people stay home.


about 10 years ago

This law would not force anyone to be open on a Sunday. If they allowed liquor sales, but no stores wanted to stay open the extra day, absolutely nothing would change. No stores would have to hire additional staff, handle Sunday deliveries, or work on the Sabbath or any crap like that. Opening on Sunday would be 100% voluntary, the choice would be the business owners' alone!

The only reason some liquor stores do not want to have this option available, is that they don't want to deal with being open another day, but they don't want the competition getting the sale instead.

[email protected]

about 10 years ago

Burden of proof for the value of the change is on the people who want the change.  I don't see the value.


about 10 years ago

Duluth has wonderful hand crafted ales. Many tourists leave Duluth on Sunday unhappy that they were not able to purchase a fresh growler to enjoy when they get home. I believe if they lift this ban it could be a huge win for Minnesota craft breweries!

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