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Chipotle coming to the Twin Ports! (?)

I have it on decent authority that work is being done right now to bring four or five Chipotle restaurants to the Twin Ports area. My source says that one of the stores is destined for Cloquet and the rest are going to be in Duluth/Superior.

I won’t get too excited until the doors open, but I think many will agree that this is a long time coming for this area. No more trips south just to get a burrito (yes, I’ve done that).

Looting at the River Place Campground

Just when we thought everyone in the Northland was awesome and we were all in this flood recovery, there comes word that there were numerous break-ins and robberies at the flooded River Place Campground next to Boy Scout Landing in Gary. I know that at least five campers were forcibly broken into and significant amounts of property were stolen (including cash and firearms). This occurred on the night of June 23 and/or the morning of June 24 and possible on a few nights previous to that. I have asked the DNT to do a story on it so that some awareness is out there. If anyone hears any information that may be somehow helpful in catching the baddies, please notify the Duluth Police Department.