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The October Surprise: Local Astroturfing

I never voted for the fellow (and certainly didn’t intend to in the upcoming election), didn’t care for his politics but I did have a certain amount of respect for him and thought he was sincere and certain key issues aside thought he was an OK fellow.

Jim Stauber caught writing letter of support for himself

Ah Jimmy, looks like your twelve years of public service might be coming to a poor end.

Getting to that time of year

So, I am curious, as I prepare my next ‘The Local’ show (1/9) for KUMD I am filling it up with music from last year. On the not completely impossible chance I’ve missed something local and great from 2012 I’d love to know people’s favorite local albums, EPs. etc from this past year. Listmania away!

Duluth Real Estate Agent Recommendations

Looking for recommendations for a buyer’s agent for the area.

Web Hosting in Duluth/Superior

Is there a decent local option for web hosting in the Twin Ports?

R.I.P. Richard David Wozniak

Richard David WozniakFormer owner of Young At Heart records.

DNT story | Previously on PDD

Contract position with Duluth Public Arts Commision

— Duluth Public Arts Commission Coordinator Job Description —

The DPAC Coordinator performs administrative support for the Duluth Public Arts Commission. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: attending monthly and all ad hoc DPAC meetings; take detailed and accurate minutes at each DPAC meeting; manage communications internally including emailing meeting minutes and monthly reminders of meetings; manage verbal and written external communications when appropriate with artists, art venues, other community organizations, press and others as directed; making meeting arrangements above and beyond monthly meeting: screening and directing telephone calls for DPAC commissioners; tracking submissions and communication from DPAC Web page; preparing reports and financial data; manage Web page updates and changes; manage airport boxes up to and including transportation of art pieces, installation of pieces, provide secure and temporary storage for art pieces; general customer relations.

Get Ready to Ruuuumble

So, one of the possible redistricting plans has Michelle Bachmann and Chip Cravaack squaring off against one another in what would become the new District 6.

Bachmann vs. Cravaack?

Coyote – “Champagne Eyes”

Live at Teatro Zuccone, Oct. 7, 2011.

Songs about Duluth Places/Neighborhoods

Expanding on the post that lists “songs with ‘Duluth’ in the lyrics or title,” it seems appropriate to also list songs that might not mention Duluth directly, but reference Duluth neighborhoods, businesses, historical occurances or icons.

Here’s a running list from songs mentioned in the comments:

The Black-eyed Snakes – “Hillside Stomp”
The Boomchucks – “Hillside”
The Branditos – “Broken Hearts & Oxygen”
Crew Jones – “Memory of Me”
Bob Dylan – “Desolation Row”
Equal Xchange – “Superior Crimes”
The Fractals – “Woodland Boys”
Giljunko – “Gangsta Spur”
Giljunko – “Misbent Life”
Giljunko – “R.T. Quinlan’s Nine”
Giljunko – “Raised in the Ruins”
Giljunko – “St. Paul Caves”
Ingeborg von Agassiz – “William A. Irvin
The Keep Aways – “Hillside”
The Little Black Books – “East Hillside Freeze Out”
Charlie Parr – “Jefferson Street Express”
Charlie Parr – “Adrift in Lake Superior at Sunrise”
Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses – “Locust Street”
Leon Rohrbaugh – “Michigan Street”
Al Sparkhawk – “How the Weather Comes Over the Central Hillside”
Swimming with Nancy – “Fourth Street
Tangier 57 – “Moorish Room”
The Tisdales – “On a Swim”
Ryan Van Slooten – “Lakeside”
Yester – “Hunters Park”

Saturday, March 12

WI Governor Scott Walker will be in Washburn WI around 4pm this Saturday, for a Lincoln Day diner. The fine folks of the town plan to give him a “warm” welcome, especially in light of the WI Senate passing the so called Budget Fix bill on Wednesday, despite three weeks of constant protest against it.

Washburn is a lot closer than Madison.

Organizing info on FB

Franconia Sculpture Park talk

passing it along:

Bridget Beck is hosting a “Three Dimensional Symposiums @ the park”

All people are warmly invited to a series of lively evenings for a free dialogue and an interchange of ideas between artists and everyone interested in art of three dimensions. FSP artists and alumni converge at the park twice a month, from June through October, for Three Dimensional Thursday Symposiums. The evenings’ events will include dinner with Franconia resident artists ($10 donation), examples of alumni and/or resident artists’ current artwork and a freewheeling discussion between artists, critics, philosophers, poets, and you!.
For more information please & to RSVP, please call 651-257-6668 or e-mail [email protected].

Franconia Sculpture Park

If you haven’t been to FSP it is highly recommended. Directions at the bottom of this page

John Prine in Duluth at the DECC


John Prine plays the DECC Sept 23rd. Tickets went on general sale today and seemed to be going at a decent clip when I picked some up.

(insert obligatory rant about ticket prices, mumble mumble)

Not a friggen thing to do with Duluth:

But in observance of Bastille Day (yesterday) here is a great little piece of animation and music.

Oldelaf – le Café

Spreading seeds

Say.. does anyone have one of those grass seed/lawn aerator/spreader thingambobs I could borrow for a week sometime in the next month or so? We are slowly trying to convert our lawn to almost exclusively clover and one of those would totally rock.

Please and thanks.


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