Web Hosting in Duluth/Superior

Is there a decent local option for web hosting in the Twin Ports?



about 5 years ago

Martin Sawinski at 3five.com.  They don't list hosting services outright as it's usually included in their web development packages, but it's worth an email to Martin. http://www.linkedin.com/company/3five


about 5 years ago

Are you looking for a company that is simply based locally, but may physically host elsewhere? Or is it important to you that the server that hosts your site be in Duluth?


about 5 years ago

Don't really care where the servers are as long as the physical office is based locally. (Essentially I need someplace where I can walk in and talk to someone.) Thanks so far.


about 5 years ago

Try Richard, Jake or Jeremy at Cold One Holdings.


about 5 years ago

@ speechie ^page not found.

Paul Lundgren

about 5 years ago

Speechie's link is fixed now.

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