Blue Laws are Stupid, Post #4

The bill to allow retail sales of alcohol on Sundays in Minnesota is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Commerce Committee on Wednesday, March 16, at 10:30 a.m.

Quoth Sen. Roger Reinert of Duluth:

“Sunday liquor sale laws are remnants of a bygone era that no longer make sense in a 21st Century world.”


Jeff P

about 13 years ago

I say that all us drunks meet in the capital on Wednesday to support. Can we get some doctors their for sick notes?


about 13 years ago

I like this.


about 13 years ago

Meh.  I like the way that you need to actually prepare, and the way it says "rest" on Sunday.  Symbolically.

B. Laws

about 13 years ago

Oh yeah?  Well, well...  You're stupid!


about 13 years ago

@B. Laws

"Oh yeah? Well, well... You're stupid!"



about 13 years ago

I like blue laws because blue is my favorite color. Also, I have a bunny.

(This is what happens after you spend two solid days with kids under age 7. Object lesson #3)

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