Zoo Animal, Half Hearts, Ariane & Honeyvein: Pizza Luce, April 8

Who: Zoo Animal, The Half Hearts, Ariane Norrgard & Honeyvein
Where: Pizza Luce Duluth
When: April 8, 9:30P.M., $5

Zoo Animal (Minneapolis)

A paradox is not impossible.  Zoo Animal, the band’s self-titled second record, reveals itself to uphold such a maxim with a sharp yet subdued sound that is informed by equal measures of classical minimalism and ’90s grunge.  This contrast is just one of many as Zoo Animal’s stark, articulate pop music vacillates between gentle and aggressive, volatile and peaceful, light and dark.  It’s graceful, hushed, soul-stirring music, yet it rests atop traditional rock instrumentation – simply guitar, drums, bass – that can turn visceral at the drop of a drumstick.

Zoo Animal’s sophomore release, Zoo Animal, was produced by Tom Herbers of Low and has graced many 2010 Best-of Minnesota music lists.

The Half Hearts (Duluth)

The Half Hearts are an anachronism. Originally from Duluth, this indie quartet combine a mix of anthemic choruses, ’90s grunge and power pop, along with classic rock riffs, and powerful duets. Each member has a unique style – the Vintage Queen, Twee, Mountain Man, and Meta-Nerd. You wouldn’t think this line-up would work, but it comes together like a classic cheese-wine-fruit pairing. You’ll keep coming back for more.

The Half Heart’s first album, After the Floor, graced many Midwestern 2010 year-end lists. Their upcoming sophomore album, Uptown Sound, has production credits from Luke Tweedy (Anti- Records), and Eric Swanson (Retribution Gospel Choir, Low, etc).

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