July 2011 Posts

Local Sustainability Film Premiere

Join Sustainable Twin Ports this Thursday, July 28, for the premiere screening of The Early Adopter Project, a documentary by Chani Becker.

5pm: A premiere party hosted by Sustainable Twin Ports will kick off the evening at the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe, followed by 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm screenings of the film at Zinema 2 theaters.

An evening to celebrate the arts

Thursday, July 28, 6-8pm
222 E. Superior St.

Choice, Unlimited is hosting an evening to highlight the artists involved in its Arts Program. The event will include a collection of dynamic visual art pieces, theater and dance performances.

$5 suggested donation. All proceeds will go to support Choice, Unlimited’s Arts Program.

Individual artists will be selling their artwork as well.

Missing playing on NorShor main stage

Summer is going. Should get new roof on. I got 20 dollars. Tis only theater left from the old days. Talking about the NorShor. Hey I’d volunteer. It’s a great roof up there. Always thought about winning the lottery and buying the Shor and putting a Penthouse on the top with roof gardens and have Neil Young play downstairs and party upstairs later. Best stage in town. But you can’t change it. Is what it is. Leave it alone. Oh now I’m wondering. Just put it back as it is. It’s the only one left. Shoud get a roof on. I got 20 dollars.

Missing Person: Walter Clock

The Duluth Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating a missing 69-year-old male. Walter Clock was last seen on Saturday at noon, leaving his residence in the 2200 block of West Second Street.

UPDATE: He has been found.

Amusement seekers are well cared for by theatrical houses of the Zenith City

That was the headline above this photo collage from the Sept. 30, 1914 edition of the Duluth News Tribune. (Click on the image to see it bigger if you want to read the text in that little box in the corner.)

Of course, the Lyceum, Rex, Grand, Zelda and Empress are all gone now. Only the Orpheum remains — remodeled and renamed the NorShor Theatre in 1941.

The Duluth Economic Development Authority is working with Westlake Reed Leskosky and SJA Architects on restoration plans for the NorShor. Have patience; it’ll take some time.

This week at Hartley Nature Center

Volunteer Evening in the Butterfly Garden- Tuesday, July 26, 6-8 pm. All ages invited- kids adult-accompanied. Free event-no experience necessary.

Wildflower Walk in Hartley Park-Thursday, July 28, 6-8 pm, a guided evening wildflower walk through Hartley Park. All ages invited- kids adult-accompanied. $4 members, $6 non-members, kids-free!

Both events meet @ Hartley Nature Center, 3001 Woodland Ave. Duluth

Cinematic Inquiry

I am working on a film project that uses a variety of sources – DV Tape, CGI, Photoshop, etc. I want to try to put the DV images which are 720×540 on part of the screen and something else on the other part because I want the film to end up as 16:9 and all the DV is 4:3.

I have been all through all kinds of Lynda.com etc. and can’t find the answer to this. I am including a picture to show where I am trying to go.

In Premier Pro how do I set up my project? I use square pixels right and a custom resolution? Or do I need to use standard HD resolution?

Are any of you film makers generous enough to help me with this?
Thanks in advance!

Pedaling to Madison, Wisconsin

I am looking at trying to plan a bike ride from Duluth to Madison, and maybe back. I was wondering if anyone out there:

– Had done this trip
– Knew of good resources for planning such a trip
– Had suggestions on a good route

I thought I’d lucked into an easy way to map out the ride using Google maps, which has a fancy “bike” option for directions. It gives me three options that I think you can see here. However, it has me going what’s called the Wild Rivers Trail and what I’ve read about that trail suggests that it may have fast-moving ATVs and loose gravel more suited to mountain bikes and even says cycling is “not recommended.”

So, I’m not so sure. I once did a backroad drive from Madison to Duluth on the old state road that more or less parallels the Interstates. That seemed pretty and quiet. However, as I say, I’m hoping to get some recommendations from others.

Canoeing the Duluth area

Entirely not enough PDD attention has been devoted to canoeing small rivers in the area. Yesterday, we canoed the Brule, a formidable opponent when the water is low, any other favorites? Has anyone put in at Jay Cooke and gone all the way to the mouth in an aluminum canoe?

Antique Sale at the Ely Ice Arena

Huge Antique Sale Friday & Saturday, July 29 & 30,
9 am to 6 pm, at the Ely Ice Arena.

Visit the Ely Minnesota Pickers at their booth. Logging, Mining, primatives, tools, books, knives, lures, glass, fishing decoys, furniture, lamps, spears, pottery, rods, coins, copper, more. Featuring a Late 1800s Walking Spinning Wheel in excellent condition used just last year. Early 1900s friendship basket quilt in excellent condition. All wood Flax breaker from the 1800s (a great quilt display!).

There will be over 60 other craft vendors including Rebecca Stouffer’s new soaps, lotions and oils: Wild Green Onion! Behind the School 4th & Harvey.

Stolen bike in Lakeside

My son’s bike was stolen in Lakeside. If anybody sees a blue Haro BMX laying around in a ditch, give me a call. 507-271-2453

Free Bees

My wife and I are trying to paint the house this year and have discovered a substantial carpenter bee nesting area under the eve. We don’t want to have them exterminated because we love these nice bees. The hive is inside the sofet and are accessible to the right bee charmer.

Can anyone recommend a bee keeper who wants to relocate these pleasant bees?

“Wishes Come True, Not Free”: Review of Into the Woods

Into the WoodsSondheim’s Into the Woods, with its incorporation of fractured fairy tales, may seem like kid’s stuff at first glance. In reality, it’s anything but.

The first act weaves together a number of familiar fairy tales through a quest narrative that involves a Baker and his wife securing a number of objects (a cape as red as blood, a slipper as pure as gold, etc.) to undo a curse, courtesy of the witch next door, which has left them childless.

The first act closes with the fulfillment of wishes for the heroes, and deserved comeuppance for the villains. However, the distinction between heroes and villains is blurred as things devolve quickly in the dark second act, when our heroes (still wishing for more) must reckon with the consequences of securing their wishes. A number of weighty themes are explored: moral relativism, isolation, loss, and parent/child relationships.

Into the Woods paints this last issue as especially bleak: whether overprotective, indifferent, or absent, parents can’t seem to avoid inflicting lasting damage on their children. Ultimately, it remains up to the individual to decide what’s morally right, though, as one of the final songs affirms, “no one is alone.”

Despite such heavy themes, Into the Woods remains a very fulfilling show; to their credit, the Playhouse cast conveys the emotional highs and lows with equal gusto. Though the performances in the first act were a bit uneven (perhaps just some bad juju?) things definitely picked up in the second half, and the cast delivered when it counted. The orchestra (under the assured baton of Blake Peterson) and singers ably tackled a notoriously difficult Sondheim score in this ambitious production.

Superior Hiking Trail – Top Ten Spots

Below is a nice video by http://superior-hiking-trail.com showing 10 spots along the Superior hiking trial they enjoyed the best. Learn more about the Superior Hiking Trialwww.shta.org

What are some of your favorite spots along the North Shore of Lake Superior (a.k.a Big Sexy)?

One of mine is the Kadunce River falls, the only way to access the base of either falls is to hike up river into the canyon.

Cribbage at the Walker Art Center

The last time I ate at the Burrito Union, I had no idea they hosted a cribbage tournament. If I’d known, I would have bought a Starfire Pale Ale and signed up. I don’t live in Duluth anymore, but I’d like to play some crib with Duluthians (and even our neighbors in Superior).

I’d also like to invite everyone to a fantastic event at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis — on Saturday, August 20, the Walker’s Open Field program is collaborating with me on an event called Cribbage in the Field.