National Citizen Survey Results – Duluth

Find the full National Citizen Survey results for the City of Duluth here (PDF).

The numbers are still lower than we would like, but we’re seeing progress over the past couple of years.  A good example of this is the question on “The overall direction Duluth is taking.”  In 2009 it was only 33%, today it’s 51%.  That’s a number that I’d like to see around 80%, but we’re making progress.

I think PDD deserves a lot of credit for consistently pointing out the good things happening around town (as well as pointing out those things that need to be improved).



about 13 years ago

Don, I just skimmed through the report (which is well laid out for skimming) and I appreciate your sharing this with us on this forum.

I love Duluth and I'm glad to see people like you and others are being very intentional on making it a better place to live for everyone.

about 13 years ago

Ermmm...PDD rawks much. 

Just sayin'.

There are troll traps, of course, but you can't really get away from crap like that. Fortunately, we're able to keep steering things around to, in general, a more conducive, positive and creative direction. Instead of continuously  bitching about things we can't control, we work to change where we can.

We're not out to change anyone's bent. We're trying to make this a better place to live. 

"Duluth is a dead city" be damned. We're gonna succeed just to prove them wrong!


about 13 years ago

I, for one, am happy with the way the city is improving.

Road issues... Well those are tough with the temperature extremes and the linear layout of the city. We would have to be oil-rich to be able to have nice smooth roads all the time.

Besides, those potholes provide some good traction come January.


about 13 years ago

Duluth is absolutely the best city to live in, with an excellent quality of life. For the size of the town, there are so many cultural, outdoor, educational etc options. The many colleges, the many and varied restaurants, the absolutely fantastic libraries, and the Zinema's opening made the city even better.  We have traveled a lot, visited and lived in a lot of cities, and the quality of life here can't be beat. With one exception:  live jazz and classical concerts.  Go light rail!  With access to Minneapolis, that problem would be solved.


about 13 years ago

I love living here SO MUCH!


about 13 years ago

Seriously? 18% of people were victims of a crime in the past 12 months?

I've lived in the friendly West End for 9 years and my only incident was when my cell phone was taken out of my unlocked car.  That was a day or two after my neighbor came to warn me to lock my car because someone was out taking cell phones.

Great survey, great city.

Percent of people satisfied with the beauty and majesty of the lake? ... 100%

Barrett Chase

about 13 years ago

I was surprised to see that 42% had ridden the bus in the past year, and that the DTA scored so highly overall. More people are satisfied with the ease of bus travel (58%) than with the ease of car travel (53%). Maybe the car-travel dissatisfaction has to do with ongoing construction?

It was also nice to see that so many people still use the library (69%).


about 13 years ago

Good job Don! Following that trajectory you should be at about 98% approval by the end of your next term.

I believe the DNT synopsis said something to the effect that only about 550 of the 1200 surveys were returned. Does anybody know if that is a typical, high, or low, response rate for such surveys? Just wondering.


about 13 years ago


Found it: "A total of 505 completed surveys were obtained, providing an overall response rate of 44%. Typically, response rates obtained on citizen surveys range from 25% to 40%."


about 13 years ago

Thanks Roger. That's kind of what I suspected. So, even the response rate of our citizenry was "above average." Cool.

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