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Missing music gear?

About a month ago, we accidentally grabbed something that wasn’t ours at RT’s and want to get it back to the rightful owner! Shoot me an email with a description and I will get it to you asap!

Spring Bike Ride

Playing with my helmet cam and some tape, one-second interval shots, Duluth to Superior 2626 frames stitched together and set to music.

APB – Another Stolen Motorcycle

Stolen 1971 BMW

My cousin had his bike stolen from the Hillside (9th & 10th Avenue East area) Friday night/Saturday morning. Easily identifiable, 1971 BMW, desert tan paint. Ammo cans were off at time of theft. Please call the DPD if you see this bike, it is one of a kind and hard to miss. Or if you are not the type of person to call the cops, post here or call me at 218-591-five seven ate five.

APB – Stolen Motorcycle

Stolen early 7/18. Green 1985 BMW K100. Identifying features: Green paint with dented gas tank. One ammo can on left side, other was off. Windshield was off. Yellow brake rotors, black tape on seat. If you see this bike, call the DPD/911. Aerostich jacket in ammo can as well.

Ever wonder about the street preachers in Duluth?

I stumbled upon this a while ago.   I don’t want to start a flame war so am disabling comments (don’t want this to turn into DCB), just posting for those who are/were curious.




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