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Where in Duluth?


Free Local Music

My 5 songs in 5 days project is complete.

Enjoy (or perhaps tolerate) as you would like.

Looking for dancers

I’m mustering a group of 12 or more dancers for a New-England Contra workshop on Tuesday evenings in March.

Informational flier

A Duluth Riddle

Winter thunder needs no rain.
A harbor view shows its maker plain.

Old Time Luce Brunch

Get your square dance on

Thank you for all your input in the previous article.  We will be hosting 4 fourth Monday square dances at the All American Club. The first one will be…

Monday, Aug 22: 7 pm cocktails and sound check, 7:30-9:30 dancing

All dances will be taught. It’s helpful to listen to instructions, but no previous experience is necessary. And if you get stuff wrong, it’s still a lot of fun.

Live music provided by the All-American String Band (Tom, Brandy, Sarah, Clancy and Adam K-not shown)

Calling provided by Tom and Sarah.

Sweet Corn Analysis

I just now noticed that “analysis” could be thought of as having a prefix.

Anyway, the ears on the left are from the Whole Foods Coop and the ones on the right are from the guy in the Pizza Hut parking lot on Central Entrance.

Co-op price was .99 each (or .89 with my membership). Pizza Hut price was $6/doz or .50 each.

A random coop ear was 35 corns high and 18 corns around at the base and thus I approximate it as having 630 corns at $0.0014 per corn.

Pizza Hut Guy corn was 33 corns tall and 13 corns around at base. That’s 429 corns and $.0012 per corn.  Still cheaper, but if I had a little more patience, I might count around the middle next time.

The Co-op corn’s white appearance is outside of my childhood memories of what corn should look like, but it did yellow up after boiling.

They were both delicious.  However; I found the Co-op cob superior.  It was fresher and juicier.  Co-op corn also offered a better audio experience as the kernels popped when bitten into.

Square Dance Input Request

I just attended my first Monday Night Square Dance in Minneapolis and want to build a similar event in Duluth. I am asking PDD for input on location or other thoughts.

To get an idea of what I’m after, please watch this…

This event shall…

  • be in a location which serves alcohol
  • be on a weeknight (probably 7-9pm)
  • have a bucket where people will be encouraged to deposit $5 for the band and caller (if the bar doesn’t give us a %age)

I have access to talented musicians and callers, I just need to figure out how to fly this and would like your input on what atmosphere would entice Duluthians to attend such an event.

Initially, I thought of Carmody Irish Pub, but I feel it’s a little dark and I’d rather be somewhere that has Pabst on tap.

So, next I thought of Thirsty Pagen – they don’t have Pabst on tap, but they have the Miller mural which is almost as good. Downside is that they’re pretty booked on weeknights and probably wouldn’t be keen on moving tables out of that main room.

Then, I thought of Mohaupt Block, but we won’t be able to afford hall rental fees and I’m not sure how to serve booze there.

Is there some diamond-in-the-rough West End or Superior bar with a good room/atmosphere for my event?

Old Timey at Thirsty Pagan

Tom & Brandy at Red Mug

Four Mile Portage

Doughnuts, music, dance

Dance at Avalon Education Institute

O’Neil Family band of East Grand Forks will be here Saturday, 7:30pm.   Square dance, contra and Appalachian circles all taught by caller.  Come alone or bring friends.  Smoke and alcohol free.

Peerless Auto Body Fire

I woke up at 4 a.m. to pee and saw a blaze out my window. It was so huge, we thought it might be Prax-Air. As of 8 a.m., it’s still burning.

Tamarack Dance Association Presents:

Another old-timey barn dance on Saturday, Nov. 20.

Come early and stay late:
7:30 – two-step, honky-tonk dance lessons
8:00 – old-time dance with the Red Pine Resonators
10:30 – two-step dancing with Orienta Car Wash

More details at

Get your do-si-so on

Musicians and callers up from Minneapolis this Saturday. Also, we’re excited about a new venue – the Avalon Ed Institute – c’mon out!

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