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Banjos and fiddles and guitars! Oh my!

I’m delighted to present a fine evening of entertainment at Beaner’s Friday. Adam is a good friend from the cities and Orienta Carwash are more friends from Port Wing who wrote a great song called, “I Smell Bad.”

Coal or Taconite?

A question has been nagging me of late: Which is worth more? Duluth’s taconite pile or Superior’s coal pile?

Finding these images is the extent of my personal research. I’m curious to hear your responses.

Where in Duluth?

Duluth Huskies baseball

Duluth Huskies sweep the Mankato Moondogs and are one game out of first place. Meanwhile, the Twins changed their background to a Dove Men ad.

Barn Dance Saturday

The phrase, “Give your corner your left hand and back to your partner for the right and left grand,”  may evoke painful memories of a junior high fitness class.

However – this Saturday at the Duluth Art Institute at 8pm the music will be very much live and the caller will certainly not be wearing a whistle.

Music by Four Mile Portage