Coal or Taconite?

A question has been nagging me of late: Which is worth more? Duluth’s taconite pile or Superior’s coal pile?

Finding these images is the extent of my personal research. I’m curious to hear your responses.



about 12 years ago

I would guess the taconite pile.


about 12 years ago

As of a little over a year ago (the most recent figures I could find) coal was $103.90 per dmtu and taconite was $101.00 per dmtu (dmtu= dry metric tonne unit).


about 12 years ago

It's hard to say because coal still seems to be relatively abundant, but taconite is really low grade iron ore. Probably whichever one is bigger?

Tom Maloney

about 12 years ago

Nice figures, TimK.  My initial guesses were that tacontie was worth more, but the coal pile looks bigger (to me).  Now I learn they  are worth roughly the same - then I guess coal is the victor.  However, dmtu measures mass and not volume.  Taconite seems more dense...probably still significantly more coal.  I'm going with coal.


about 12 years ago

Which one leaches more heavy metals?


about 12 years ago

The real question:

Which "Earth-Booty" pays for more 8am Jack and Cokes at Our Place in Finland (MN) on a typical Tuesday morning?

Answer: low-grade taconite.


about 12 years ago

Q: Which are more delicious? Coal babies or T aconite babies?

A: Coal babies.


about 12 years ago

Taconite does far more damage than coal when used as slingshot ammo.


about 12 years ago

*zings a taconite pellet from our bucket towards zra's house*


about 12 years ago

I love taco nite.


about 12 years ago

I don't know, but it sure would be nice if they'd get rid of that crap and turn the harbor into a park.


about 12 years ago


Oh yeah, that's a great idea. Get rid of jobs and shipping that help make Duluth what it is. I'm all for enjoying the bounty of or city, but come on. Bayfront, canal, and the north shore are sufficient for me!


about 12 years ago

Hey Vicarious ... Our Place? Why not try your luck with the witch of 4 Seasons?


about 12 years ago

I want to buy about 5 tons of hard coal to help heat the house. Does anyone know where I can purchase some?

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