Old Timey at Thirsty Pagan



about 9 years ago

What makes this show particularly unique is that the musicians have most of their teeth...

Paul Lundgren

about 9 years ago

Which is surprising, because I play hockey with Tom and Brandy, and they don't wear face guards.

Hot Shot

about 9 years ago

Finally, some banjo music.


about 9 years ago

Four Too Many Banjos?


about 9 years ago

I knocked a tooth out playing baseball, but a dentist in the bleachers stuck it back in. Then, a bicycle accident a few years ago knocked my 4 front teeth until they were parallel to the ground.  The doc pulled 'em back and they've been there ever since.
They continue to be nourished by the sweet, tonalities of the banjo.

Curly Endive

about 9 years ago

I had a friend in high school who was short but had the twitch gene which allowed him to play drums and sprint faster than all the track stars etc.  One day I came to Spanish class and he had parallel to ground teeth which looked devilish, he had been dunking basketballs and got his teeth caught on the net. I think Mason Jennings claimed a similar soothing sensation from music.  As a youth he'd wanted to be a boxer, when he went to hit the bouncy punching bag really hard it came back and broke his nose,  after that he had to sing to make it feel better, makes sense... Nothing like necessity for invention. I thought about breaking my own nose to make me want to sing more, but worried I'd sound just like him if I did.

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