Hell has frozen over, Eric Dubnicka has a blog!

Inspired by a previous post, and feeling a desperate need for external validation, I figured it’s about time to formally introduce my blog to the PDD community.


An angst-ridden New Years drove me to finally get a website going, and shockingly, I update it with new artwork near daily, commentary and links to art, design and oddities that I’ve come across.  It’s a work in progress and I encourage any comments and suggestions you may have.



about 9 years ago

Nice Drawings
Cubism not dead


about 9 years ago

It's good to see that you're taking advantage of The Internets.  Is this different than The Google?


about 9 years ago

If you live in Duluth, you know that Hell freezes over around November 15th every year.

Bill Shipley

about 9 years ago

Happened upon this during quiet afternoon - very good article in today's N Y Times on Met Museum using the old Whitney.  Must read.

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