Minnesota Parkour: Duluth Jam 2011

Some fine gentlemen doing some excellent parkour and freerunning in our wonderful little city. The video was filmed and edited by Clark Anderson.



about 13 years ago

Sweet.  I would break my neck trying most of that crap.

It's also a lot better than the last parkour video I saw.


about 13 years ago

Nice work, looks like fun! Love the bench flip at 3:33!

bk gullsgate

about 13 years ago

Almost a dream-scape challenging the impossible...or like a free-form ballet gracing the city, turning everyday, ordinary places, spaces, into something exceptional...

If there had been a rainbow hanging around, I assume they would have scaled it...maybe next time? Thanks for the viewing...


about 13 years ago

Aw man, I miss Playfront...

David Beard

about 13 years ago

I'm impressed, and I enjoyed the video, but a little too much time, proportionally, spent on the UMD campus and Playfront Park -- spaces which (with their open areas, sweeping green and so on) are practically designed for this kind of activity.  Need more actual, urban footage!

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