One more reason to love this town

The other evening I saw three guys mowing the grass that the city has ignored on a median strip on Mesaba Avenue. Thank you guys! I go down First Avenue East every day and the tall grass that had not been mowed all summer made it impossible to see up-bound traffic. These three guys took matters into their own hands and believe me it did not go unnoticed. Thank you guys!


Don Ness

about 12 years ago

This is not a City function, the State (MN-DOT) is responsible for mowing, sweeping, and maintaining Mesaba Ave.   

Obviously the shutdown is one factor, but we have been frustrated with a lack of attention to these sort of maintenance responsibilities on their streets for a long time.

Thanks to the citizens for picking up the slack!


about 12 years ago

Yes!  I remember a similar discussion on PDD a year or two ago.  The reason that median doesn't fall into the City's court is because at that point, Mesaba is a state highway. (or something like that)  Right, Don?

Still, kudos to the neighbors who see a need and take action, instead of just whining about it.  It's easy to talk about doing something, and other thing entirely to actually do it.  ...Even if it is simply mowing a median.


about 12 years ago

Were these the same three guys who were mowing Wed night between 6-8p along Central Entrance below the Pawn America area (but over on the opposite side beneath the digital billboard just above the lights/entrance to Central?

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