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The man’s Christmas light display reflects his music?

Mesaba, Missabe or Mesabi? What’s correct?

This is a perfect question for all you PDDers. Is Mesaba spelled Mesaba, Missabe or Mesabi? Was the street named after the area of Northern Minnesota? The two are spelled different. What was the building named after? It has a third spelling. I’ve lived here 25 years and am still trying to figure this out. Help!

Old Central Clock

Has anyone else noticed that the old Central High School clock has stopped?! I hope it’s going to be fixed. I enjoy hearing the bells ever 15 minutes.

Morning Lake Fog

Did anyone get any good pictures of the fog on Lake Superior this morning? I was up at about 6:30 and I have never seen a more stunning and beautiful example of it. Oh my! As I type there is a fishing boat going out! Wonderful!

One more reason to love this town

The other evening I saw three guys mowing the grass that the city has ignored on a median strip on Mesaba Avenue. Thank you guys! I go down First Avenue East every day and the tall grass that had not been mowed all summer made it impossible to see up-bound traffic. These three guys took matters into their own hands and believe me it did not go unnoticed. Thank you guys!

New Park Point Sand Bar

Has anyone noticed the new Park Point Sand Bar? (as I am calling it.) It was created by the the strong 50-60 mph winds a few weeks ago on The Lake side of PP. Very interesting. It will be interesting to see if it becomes a permanent or is a temporary fixture.

Duluth Pothole Patrol

Driving around this weekend I noticed more potholes than usual. What are the worst streets in town so I can avoid them to save on my shocks?

Quote of the Day

I have this quote framed and hanging on my wall in my den. I found it when I first moved to Duluth. Thought PDD’ers might be interested.

“Sometimes when I become discouraged, I say to myself, I should have gone to another city to seek my fortune. But then I look over these hills and see the natural beauty of our community, I console myself and wonder — where in all the wide world could I find a view like this?” — Samuel Snively

Egg coffee

Does anyone know how to make egg coffee and is it really that much better than “regular” coffee? Of course we have great coffee purveyors today, but I was just wondering about the mystique behind this Norwegian brew.

Amy Klobuchar’s Hot Dish Recipe

Amy Klobuchar’s Taconite Tater Tot Hot Dish recipe is now available for all who remember when tater tots were not the enemy of school lunches that Michelle Obama has made them out to be in her campaign to bring health lunches to schools. Anyone else notice the irony of this “situation?”

25 Influential Minnesotans in Washington

I just heard an interesting interview on MPR with Michael S. Berman, the UMD graduate who founded the Duberstein Group, a DC campaign consulting organization.

25 Influential Minnesotans in Washington

Stuffed at the Toga

OK, seeing you guys know everything … what’s the story behind the stuffed “animals” (ground hogs? gophers?) at the Club Saratoga. I’ve “only” lived in Duluth 25 winters and every time I’m in there (did I just out myself as a Toga regular?!) I wonder about their origin. Anyone have the knowledge?

Great new shopping experience!

Went to the rollout of the new Art in the Alley gallery in Superior last night. Wonderful shopping experience with the original art of beader Tami LaPole and over-the-top potter Dan Edmunds. It’s in the old city hall. Enter off Broadway Street. It is the most unique shop on both sides of the bridge and will make Superior a shopping destination with terrific gift items, original art from area artist. Can’t say enough good about it. Definitely worth the trip over, and a welcome new addition to the Twin Ports shopping scene.

Where’s the best place to watch the Christmas City of the North Parade?

Where’s the best place to watch the Christmas City of the North Parade? I usually watch it from home, in front of the fire, on TV, with a hot toddy. You?

New Downtown Duluth Art Gallery

I went to a new gallery opening last night. The Ochre Ghost is on Second Avenue East and is a cool space supported by two emerging artists. Go and make the scene!