Where’s the best place to watch the Christmas City of the North Parade?

Where’s the best place to watch the Christmas City of the North Parade? I usually watch it from home, in front of the fire, on TV, with a hot toddy. You?



about 12 years ago

Lake Avenue and Superior Street was complete mayhem last year. I would avoid that.


about 12 years ago

Get a lawn chair and set up in a sky-walk by 2pm.  Depending on weather, anywhere along the route can be great. Or I like your idea topofthehill, right at home.

Who funds this parade? Does the city get a bill for services when it is over or is it a money maker for the municipality?


about 12 years ago

The parade is great.  FYI, the parade route begins at Northland's NewsCenter Studios in Canal Park (Lake Avenue South and Railroad Street).  It travels north on Lake Ave to Superior Street and continues west, ending at 5th Avenue West just before it gets to the downtown library and Radisson hotel.  It goes from about 6:20-8:00pm.  More info at http://christmascityparade.com

Paul Lundgren

about 12 years ago

My understanding is that the parade entrants each pay a fee and the Northland's NewsCenter (Granite Broadcasting) organizes and promotes it.

If the city has any costs it would be for extra policing, but I don't know for sure who picks up the tab on that, or if there really is one.


about 12 years ago

B-Man!  I'd invite you & your beautiful wife over to watch and have a toddy with me, but actually this year I am not going to be home! It will be the first one I've missed in the 25 winters I've lived in D-Town.

Danny G

about 12 years ago

The best place to watch doesn't exist.  The question should be "Where is the best place to LISTEN to the parade?".  The answer to that would be the 3rd Annual Danny Does Duluth Christmas City of the North Parade Northland NewsCenter Coverage Special.  Feel free to listen to the last few years of this epic annual show in the archives:

http://danny.libsyn.com/2009/11  and   http://danny.libsyn.com/2008/11


about 12 years ago

I realize that "The Parade" is designed to get people who otherwise wouldn't come into the very dangerous downtown area to come spend dollars on disposable goods. But, couldn't we at least wait until after Thanksgiving to have a "Christmas" parade? Sheesh!


about 12 years ago

Assuming the weather is cold, I'd say smack dab in front of your television set.


about 12 years ago

"... very dangerous downtown area" - Vicarious

Why is downtown dangerous?

The Opponent

about 12 years ago

Why is sarcasm missed in Duluth?

Danny G

about 12 years ago

Tell me about it.


about 12 years ago

In front of a fire with a toddy is the only way to go! This will be my 44th year of the parade (20 of legal age for toddy's) and I can't wait. Truly kicks off my holiday season.


about 12 years ago

Does anyone know why the parade is always before Thanksgiving?  It always seems so early for the Christmas stuff.

The Big E

about 12 years ago

LJ:  on 28 November 1962 a majorette suffered 5th degree frostbite during the parade and had to have both legs amputated.

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