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Furthur at the Northrup

Furthur on Tour

Check out some of the band’s shows from this past summer. Entire Terrapin Suites. Killer.

Movies in da park.

Went and saw Harry Potter last night. The nacho supreme from Uncle Loui’s gyro stand is amazing. Layered nacho fixins … mmmmmm.

Am I alone?

I’ve heard a lot of folk rag on the sitcom Roseanne. I like the show. I say “Lie” to the haters.

I don’t get why I am annoyed by kids dressing like Marty McFly from Back To the Future II

I wanted those Nikes so bad. Why do I get so bothered by it now? I think I might be jealous.

I don’t get this Arcade Fire stuff

I can not stand this band. Everyone says they like them. I don’t believe it, they only say they do because for some bizarre rationale, they think it makes them look smart or some crap. This pap is for 13-year-old girls. It’s great for that. It is not 1986 and you are not tortured. This needs to stop.

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