Potholes Posts

It’s not Mars; it’s my streets.

On Facebook, I saw a picture that could have been from Mars, or from Hibbing (where the earth has been gutted by mines in a monstrously, sublimely beautiful way).

But it wasn’t. It was a Duluth street.

(On Facebook the photo is cropped without the yellow line. This makes it look even more out-of scale Martian.)

In the next election, I understand, there is something to be done about it.

Duluth Pothole Patrol

Driving around this weekend I noticed more potholes than usual. What are the worst streets in town so I can avoid them to save on my shocks?


We are working on a project for our journalism class about the potholes in Duluth. We need your help! If anyone has filed a complaint to the city regarding potholes please respond! We would really appreciate it! If anyone has any strong opinions on the issue as well, please feel free to contact us. You would be of great help!

The project is due next Thursday.

Thank you!

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