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What’s your favorite Halloween costume?

I’m having trouble deciding what costume to wear this year. Anyone have any suggestions? What’s the best costume you’ve ever seen/dressed in?

Hillside Laundry

Just got the news … Hillside Laundry is burning.

Best spot in Duluth to view tall ships

Where’s the best place to watch the tall ships come into the harbor?

Bat Girl & the Walrus

Has anyone else been following their romance in the personals of the Reader? It’s better than watching daytime soaps! The Walrus sounds like quite the romantic who is actively pursuing his love, Bat Girl. Who are they? What’s the back story? There was no ad in this week’s Reader from them but I am a total fan.

B-Cycles: Why own when you can share?!?!

We need this is D-Town. Decrease our carbon footprint down to nothing and, let’s face it, it’d just be plain fun!

Historic Photos of Duluth A Guide to Minnesota Communities

Old time post cards and photos of Duluth. Cool site!

“Miss me yet?’ Billboard

Talk among yourselves…

Who was looking for cold-weather gear?

Here’s a fun new clothing line:
The South Butt

Someone has a good sense of humor!

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