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New Minnesota Cookbook

Does anyone remember Joe Huie’s Cafe and his incredible fried shrimp? I’m finding more and more interest in Joe and the Huie family history, and over the years I’ve searched for his “secret recipe” that I remember as a kid (so many claimed to have it, but of course no one did). Just today in searching yet again for any recipe that may be similar I came across this book from an article in the Duluth Herald.

It just came out in October and there are a large number of great reviews about it, but best it includes Joe Huie’s famous fried shrimp recipe, another family member’s recipe(s) (I haven’t ordered it yet so I’m not sure how many) and a lot of other well-known Asian restaurant recipes from over the years, plus a history of how the Asian influence changed Minnesota. I can’t wait to get it!

Last year in searching I came across a Joe Huie’s Cafe menu on eBay, in brand new condition. The seller lives in California and I live in Vermont, but we are both originally from Duluth. What a small world, and it was so cool to “talk” about the old days. Joe Huie’s is one of those iconic memories that brings me back to when I was a kid on Lake Superior. Great times.

Amy Klobuchar’s Hot Dish Recipe

Amy Klobuchar’s Taconite Tater Tot Hot Dish recipe is now available for all who remember when tater tots were not the enemy of school lunches that Michelle Obama has made them out to be in her campaign to bring health lunches to schools. Anyone else notice the irony of this “situation?”

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