My Potato Project – The Importance of “Organic”

[This post originally contained an embedded video that no longer exists at its source.]

The corn analysis made me think of this right away and had to share based on the corn comments. If you haven’t seen this already, it’s worth watching through. In addition to the experiment results, Elise’s scripted narration and awkward pauses are fantastic. She’s not from Duluth, but is from Minnesota and really likes our town.


Miles A. Broad

about 13 years ago

Silly leaders, they're so delirious from slithering along their own trail of brilliance, they forgot to remove the poison from the food!  I'll bet it's for our benefit... in their quest to create flex food, food you can burn instead of gasoline. Maybe they're just trying to build our tolerance to diesel. It's so amazing one person said 'wow.'  Poignant, to the point, encapsulates the magnitude of the thing.  I wonder if my tap water has enough antidepressants in it to navigate these turbulent waters?  Gotta love the kids though, maybe they'll save us. Save the kids!  (Don't feed the kids lead, or flex food)


about 13 years ago

I love awkward pauses almost as much as I love sweet potatoes.  Very cute!


about 13 years ago

The smile at the end is the best.


about 13 years ago

People should be aware of the synthetics added to our food, few of which would be legitimately found to be 'safe' if the FDA, USDA and Congress were not bought and paid for by the companies who profit from spreading these convenient toxins. Thanks for the post.

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