July 2011 Posts

Not Your Dad’s Willie Nelson

Whether you’re going to the Willie Nelson/Trampled/4onthefloor concert or not, you should still show up at Pizza Luce afterward to see the Half Hearts CD Release. Yester and Hot Ashes are also on the bill.

Saturday, August 6, is going to be a big day for Duluth music any way you sing it.

Gravity on display in Duluth

Yesterday I was driving down some side streets near Chester Creek Cafe with my family when we watched a soccer ball cross the street in front of us. At first, it just seemed to be out on a walk, or a roll, I guess, as it headed down the street and on its journey toward the lake. A few seconds later a young man appeared from behind a fence and ran — looking for cars and being careful — after his ball. It was a close contest but the ball was finally intercepted a couple of blocks down the hill.

It got me thinking about the other hill-related events I’ve witnessed over the years and thinking serious work should be done in documenting such events. (Plus, I’m procrastinating on a big project I should be doing.)

Songs about Duluth Places/Neighborhoods

Expanding on the post that lists “songs with ‘Duluth’ in the lyrics or title,” it seems appropriate to also list songs that might not mention Duluth directly, but reference Duluth neighborhoods, businesses, historical occurances or icons.

Here’s a running list from songs mentioned in the comments:

The Black-eyed Snakes – “Hillside Stomp”
The Boomchucks – “Hillside”
The Branditos – “Broken Hearts & Oxygen”
Crew Jones – “Memory of Me”
Bob Dylan – “Desolation Row”
Equal Xchange – “Superior Crimes”
The Fractals – “Woodland Boys”
Giljunko – “Gangsta Spur”
Giljunko – “Misbent Life”
Giljunko – “R.T. Quinlan’s Nine”
Giljunko – “Raised in the Ruins”
Giljunko – “St. Paul Caves”
Ingeborg von Agassiz – “William A. Irvin
The Keep Aways – “Hillside”
The Little Black Books – “East Hillside Freeze Out”
Charlie Parr – “Jefferson Street Express”
Charlie Parr – “Adrift in Lake Superior at Sunrise”
Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses – “Locust Street”
Leon Rohrbaugh – “Michigan Street”
Al Sparkhawk – “How the Weather Comes Over the Central Hillside”
Swimming with Nancy – “Fourth Street
Tangier 57 – “Moorish Room”
The Tisdales – “On a Swim”
Ryan Van Slooten – “Lakeside”
Yester – “Hunters Park”

Global Goes Local

After 32 years, the founders of Global Village (from Minneapolis) have passed the torch to a long time employee and hometown girl.
Friday, we celebrate this new chapter for the old downtown icon and present the Lotus Center, our new community yoga and dance (and more!) studio on the 2nd floor.

Please join us in our merriment and gratitude this friday, July 29th, 5-8.
-Refreshments by Rachel and Kirsten
-Music by Red Mountain
-Bellydance performance by Lady Slipper

If you can’t make it to the party, stop in any old time and see what we’ve changed and what remains the same.

Mon-Fri 10-8
Sat 10-6
Sun 12-5

25 west superior street  218.723.1177

Archeology of Lake Superior

Poll: Should the PDD Calendar display or hide event descriptions?

Two weeks ago we launched the new PDD Calendar (in test mode) and asked you for feedback. Although we received good feedback in general, there was one specific area we asked about as an afterthought in the comments and didn’t get much response on, so we’ll ask again in a more obvious and simple-to-respond-to way (though it still requires some degree of explanation):

How would you like the entries on any given day to look? Should we show the descriptions like below?

* * *

* * *

That’s how we have it now. It means you don’t have to click the event title to get the description, but you have to scroll more to look at all the events.

Or, should we hide the descriptions like below?

* * *

* * *

With the descriptions hidden it’s easier to scroll through and find an event you’re interested in, then click for more info. But you have to click back and forth if there were several events you want info on.

It comes down to more scrolling, less clicking vs. more clicking, less scrolling. Consult your median nerve and vote:

This poll is now closed. The results were:

Show the descriptions — 55.3 percent
Hide the descriptions — 44.7 percent

So, how would you like the daily calendar pages to look?

Loading ... Loading ...

If you want to blabber about your answer, the comments are open. If you want to comment about the calendar, but not this specific element of it, please refer to the calendar intro post and comment there.

Some time in August we should have this thing running full throttle. And it probably bears mentioning again that there’s still two weeks to apply for the postion of PDD Calendar editor.

Peace vigil for Norway at Enger Park

Come to Enger Park tonight, Wednesday, at 7 pm for a peace vigil to honor and remember the victims in Oslo, Norway. Speakers and Norwegian music are planned. The group will gather at the parking lot and walk up to Enger Tower together.

Nerd Nite #10

Nerd Nite 10 will showcase some of the favorite nerdy presentations from the past year and half. Come enjoy some midweek entertainment, learn something you didn’t know you didn’t know.

It’s like the Discovery Channel with beer.

Rummage for Solvay

New and old linens, books, Santas, kitchen, dishes, dolls, glassware, art, sewing machine, lamps, and lots of misc. 75% of profits go to Solvay Hospice House in memory of Nancy G. Snow. Friday, July 29, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Saturday, July 30, 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. 1204 South Lake Ave. Absoloooootely no early birds! Thank you!

A Brief Survey of the Bottom of Lake Superior

He’s Back…

Tony ‘I Wish I Had My Life Back’ Hayward of BP oil ‘spill’ fame has landed his feet squarely in our backyard – as the Environmental Officer for GlenCore, the PI for the planned sulfide mining project near Hoyt Lakes.

Any dirty hippies/concerned citizens/people who simply love the Northland out there want to protest this thing?

Free Danecdote EP

Download here

Old can collection

During attic clean out I came across the remnants of an old beer and soda can collection put together during the 1970s.  It is about 500 cans, mostly pull tab but also a few flat tops.  Cool old Schmidt scenery cans, and the like.  Anyone know any can collectors in the Duluth area that might be interested in looking through them for gems?

Summer Arts Festival, book sale by Friends of the Library

Meet us at the Summer Arts Festival! On Saturday, July 30, the Depot celebrates with a Summer Arts Festival, and you will find your Friends out helping. Michigan Street will be turned into a temporary pedestrian mall and you’ll find food vendors, live entertainment, fine arts and crafts, and the Friends selling books, media, and T-shirts reminding people that “Our Libraries are Essential.”

Port Huron to Home: Bryan Hansel’s 800-mile kayak adventure photography exhibit and presentation

BryanBryan Hansel

During the spring and early summer of 2011, Bryan Hansel kayaked from Port Huron, Michigan to Grand Marais, Minnesota. His journey took 45 days, and he covered 800 miles. On the trip, he traversed the two largest Great Lakes, averaged 22 miles a day, paddled in waves taller than a refrigerator, visited Isle Royale and even ordered pizza delivered to his tent. Bryan will exhibit print and digital images from his experience and talk about his adventures. You don’t want to miss this! Hansel’s prints from the trek will also be on exhibit starting in early August!

Tuesday, Aug. 9, at 7pm at the DPI, 405 E. Superior St, Duluth. Free for members, $5 for non-members. Space is limited, e-mail the DPI to RSVP. For more information one this presentation or the DPI, go to duluthphotographyinstitute.com.

Bryan Hansel is an outdoor photographer, writer and sea kayaking instructor. His work appears in national and regional magazines, newspapers, calendars, in both print and broadcast advertisement, on numerous websites, in stores, in galleries and on the walls of many homes. Learn more at bryanhansel.com.